Monday, May 26, 2008

Where Have All the Hours Gone?

Hello All.. I have had an extremely busy time with our new wee one. He required a little more feeding attention in the beginning. We are so greatful he seems to have turned the corner and is gaining well just Breastfeeding now. What a job it is to feed your little one. I will never assume that breastfeeding or any other NORMAL/NATURAL baby care method will just happen. Every baby is different as is each need for that baby.

I have been knitting a bit and sewing too. Also I have repainted and sewn new curtains for the living room. It was a real life home make over... It was not as quick as the 24 hours shows but I think 3 days from start to finish with 2 people and a nursing newborn isn't too shaby.

My mom is visiting us this week. Her first visit in 7 years. We have been catching up on my sewing PILE/projects. I promised she could eat and sleep when we were done.. Not a moment sooner. Hahahha.. I can be such a slave driver. Just kidding we are feeding her and she likes to craft like I do. So that has been a fun time.

We just spent the last 24 hours visiting with family at my great Aunt's celebration of life memorial service. She was nearly 80 yrs old and had such a zest for life. She was strong and determined. She was such an example in that respect. Her knitted christmas stockings she had done for each grandchild were displayed at her services. What a legacy... I am so glad that she instilled in me a desire to learn to knit. Thanks Aunt Hazel. You will be greatly missed.

I will follow up with the KAH baby shower for Mr.Landon when my mom returns to Hawaii. Until then... Happy MONDAY