Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Pictures!

Thanks to Sarah I am able to post the latest FO's for you all. Whoot, Whoot!..

Picture Time!

My first crochet hat. Can't wait to tackle the next HOOKER PROJECT.

Here is my MOMMY & ME matching hat for my sister in law and niece Lily.

This was out of the One Skein Wonder book. Made with the super yummy Cascade Leisure. I love how it turned out. It is just so happy. Now to find buttons.

Another Wee Whitaker hat. Organic Cotton Hat so soft.

Roo Design Tractor Sweater. I love all the sweater patterns Knot Another Hat has in stock of this designer. Just to cute for words.

My original left over baby hat design. I still need to write up the pattern. Love the end results.

Welcome Home Wee Whit Hat and socks. One ball of Cascade fixation with left overs for baby ankle socks. Stay tuned for updates.
Okay that is all for this post I will get the other photos up today too.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh Mylanta!!!

Well all those who still read this blog. I am still around. My goal was to figure out what was wrong with my picture software. This would enable me to blog a bit more inspiring posts. Alas I have failed to figure it out. So this weekend I am going to look up more on the Picasa site and see if I can't work my way around that. Wish me luck.

Also with the kids in REAL SCHOOL (hahaha) (outsider comments make me laugh). I have has less blog material to work with. With just one at home he tends to be better behaved and lacks the ENCOURAGEMENT to boldly go where no 3 (oops) 4 year old should go.

Since I have started working at Knot Another Hat I have been discovering, as well as reminded by my CONCERNED co-workers that I may have a habit, addiction, problem.. Whatever you want to call it. Hehemm.. We knitters can only justify our stash habits to a point and staging an intervention can be hard. Especially if those involved may have similar stashing habits.. I love them all.. So my committment to de-stashing this year is being revisited.

Christmas was a good starting point. I feel great about all I accomplished for gifts this year. Also I am happy to report that ALL HANDKNIT ITEMS were recieved with great affection..

I finished up a big project for the shop. Again no photos I will have to have Sarah snap a picture so I can post it. It is the Ripple Afghan Kit she has for sale at the shop. I started it and set it aside for the holiday's but it was fast and rewarding when I picked it back up and got to work on it.. Love the color choices too..

So far this month I have finished a few items.

Team Spirit Hat aka Sarah's Scallop Hat Pattern: For sale at Knot Another Hat.
1-Organic Cotton baby hat for Wee Whitaker
1-Baby Cascade Fixation Socks (color KOI) TOO CUTE.
1-Cascade Fixation baby Hat (Koi leftovers)
1-Freakin Adorable baby Giraffe (Nichole Pattern for sale soon at Knot Another Hat.)
1-Roo Design's Tractor Sweater (Wee Whitaker Toddler Collection.. Heheh)
1-One Skein Wonder Baby Sweater (Cascade Leisure/Lily Pond Colorway) Can I just say yummy to the yarn and the pattern was so fast. This was a great way to pass the last half of the Super Bowl Game.
1-Pair of Sock Monkey Inspired baby socks. LOVE THEM!!! Fast to knit and so cute finished.
1-pair of Magic Slipper's (Ravelry Pattern Find) So cute and great way to use up sock yarn remnants.

With all the doctor appointments and waiting in line to pick up the troops I have had lots of on the go knitting time. I love the sense of accomplishment this gives me. The laundry is even starting to become a little more caught up.

As for the pregnancy progress.. Things are going well. Baby is growing and all the blood sugar concerns seem to be undercontrol as well. Thank God we haven't had to do any drugs to keep it that way. Another plus is weighing less at 34 weeks pregnant than pre-pregnancy!! I am determined to keep it up after wee Whitaker arrives.

Well that is all for now. I should feed the hungry preschooler now.