Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today is my blogoversary. I can hardly believe it has been a year already. Or that you all have read what I have to say for that long. heheh. I have made some wonderful blog pals doing this too.
Not to mention it is a good way to catalog what I have been up to. I tend to forget from week to week what has gone on in my little world.

The bamboozle Sugar & Spice top will be gifted today I hope. That will conclude this round of baby gifts from Aunty DD.

In all of my knitting madness this last year I have only done 2 pairs of socks for myself and the Great American Afghan (3 of 20) complete. Hmmm.. Not great progress. So, I was thinking that in honor of my one year of blogging, I will cast on a project just for me. I have been kind of sad to miss out on the secret pal/sockapalooza exchanges. For a minute, a flash of a sock swap went through my mind. Hahahah. That would require a little more than I know how to pull off at this time. So if you hear of another knit swap starting soon drop a note..

On the sticks right now is the hubby sweater, Afghan square #4 is going to be cast on today. The log cabin (Mason Dixon) blanket (2 square around then I will be done), and lastly the cherry pattern baby hat I am trying out. Stay tuned for more. For those of you who knew me when I was and addicted SCRAPBOOK-A-HOLIC.. I have not completely lost interest. I have started power layout for Mr. Alex's baby book again. I am almost to the point I can print off pictures for the last couple years.. YIKES!! That scares me a bit. My goal is to be caught up with his book and the big boys by Christmas. YEAH!!!

Thanks to all who have been reading my babbling thoughts. It has really been more therapy than you realize. Looking forward to another year of bloggin..

Friday, July 27, 2007

FO Picture Day

This is the cute little goldfish hat I will be listing on etsy as soon as I get it together and have a free moment.

Thanks Nichole for helping me figure out the FISH. My brain just wasn't envisioning it. Rock on!!

The red fish. blue fish hat was not exactly how I wanted it. I am redoing it in a roll up brim too.

Then of course the Just Peachy Polka Dots are for the fruit season. I am working on a little cherry hat and a hat with apples and pears too.

I did two more rounds on the hubby sweater and have been working on finishing up the log cabin blanket too. This has been a little bit like spring cleaning in the WIP pile.

Hubby took one of the troops to work with him today so I am making it a work day for the others and we are going to whip this place into shape before the weekend.

Any suggestions on how to tame the laundry pile would be greatly appreciated. I would love it more if it were a game.

Well just a quick picture update to show you all I have been busy.. Not lazy.. hehehe..

Have a great end of summer.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Bee

Hello All,
I have been up to a lot this last week. After a couple weeks of family visiting from Hawaii. I decided to start selling some of my crafting projects. This is partially due to the fact that I have to admit it is a HABIT. hehehehe.. Apparently we all like a little elbow room. Plus the funds to continue to enjoy the finer things in life (food) (boy's sports, etc.). Are in shorter supply as the troops EAT more. Yikes!! They are still a few years away from being teens too. GULP..

My hubby is fully supportive (pushy) and eagerly awaits. He thinks we should be able to put CLOTHES in the CLOSET. What? Who heard of such a thing? I have always thought of them more as STASH collectors. This is something I never thought my hubby would notice. He is so laid back that he RARELY looks in the closets at all.. What could this mean? uhhhh hemmm..
With that said I am excited to get busy on some project busting crafts that I will be putting in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days.
I do have a Nursing Cover up now for all you nursing moms out there. If you have a mommy expecting anytime these make awesome gifts. Check them out and let me know what you all think.
Due to the number of new little ones to my circle, I am on a bit of a baby item kick right now. I will be doing some fun stuff for the rest of us. Stay tuned for photos and updates in the next couple of days.
The boys have enjoyed a full week of vacation bible school this week.. Can I just say what an amazing program (free childcare) for three hours is such a gift to moms with many little ones. My guys have had the best time and I am getting so much free time. Hahahhahhaha. Not really free time but I am getting errands run allot faster.
Well just wanted to say I have been on a FO kick as well and in the last three days have knocked out some cuties. Now I need to bust out the Afghan squares.. For those who have been bored to tears with the MAN SWEATER project FYI, it has been resurrected and is being diligently worked in to the project list again.. Go, Go, Go... Ra, Ra, Ra..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Great Name Search

So I may venture into selling some of my craft overflow. Hard to imagine I know. I face the challenge of finding the perfect name. So here are a couple ideas. What do you all think.
I thought that some how using my name Destiny would be easy. Nope apparently not...
1. Darn Crafty............ 2.Crafty D.

Those are the first choices. Hmmmm.. I just don't know. What a decision.
I will post some pictures of the D'scret Nursing Covers that I have whipped up for some little sweeties. I am thinking of lots of ways to use up my material stash. That will please my hubby. heheheh.. Funny how craft habits develope a need for places to hide.

Let me know what your thoughts are.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Birthday!

Well ,today has concluded yet another official birthday for me. We celebrated in the park with a handful of family and friends. Being that it was completely last minute and arranged by my sweet hubby on his way to work this morning it was a small affair. That was more than fine by me.
Thank you Chris and Cheryl for supplying the flames for the burgers and bringing your troops to entertain mine so we could have some grown up conversation! Chris, is also starting up a new photography studio here in Hood River. If you are looking for someone to capture more than just the posed/standard photo HE IS THE MAN. Check out the side bar and link on over to take a look, you won't be disappointed. My troops are in the childrens section, the ALL BOY photos (yes the 4 boys). Our family photo has made grandma cry, and made me wonder when my boys grew up. He caught all of my boys being themselves with very little effort. Thanks Chris. The only thing left is the choosing what photos we want. If he can make us look good.. Well, enough said.
Okay back to the bday details. hehhehe. We had many eventful moments this evening. None of which I can mention on the blog. Those that were there are informed and that is enough.
I do believe I am half way funded for the spinning wheel now and I can't wait to hit up my hubby for the rest of the dough. heheehhe..
Well hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. I will post some FO pictures and shots of the troops enjoying the rays tomorrow.......

Monday, July 02, 2007

Birthday Goodies

Hello All...

Well I have to say a big THANK YOU to Yvonne for the early bday treasures. The Silkie Socks That Rock in the Fire on the Mountain colorway is so fun and I can't wait to see it all knit up.
Then the Woodland Woolworks catalogs complete with contribution to the Spinning Wheel fund... Yeah!! I can't wait. Thanks again Yvonne you are the best.
I have to say that birthdays have never been a big deal in my life. Very low key. Most of that, I believe is because it is the day before a major BBQ/family gathering holiday (July 3). That always meant preperation and travel for the big event/camping on the 4th. Over the last couple of years I have become friends with some BIRTHDAY EVENT people. Your big day could easily extend into a three day event.. hehehehhehe.
Plus they are the best gift givers. They know me well enough that even the simplest things are PERFECT. It is hard for me to except gifts and attention. Hey guys thanks so much for being my friends that is the best gift of all. You have become more like family than you know.
Tonight I am going to get a pedicure and have dinner with a couple of them. How fun is that?
These are the friends who make you laugh until you pee. Always adding a little bit of a surprise to things. hehehehe..
Thanks for being my friends. I have to say that is truly the best gift ever. I feel I should further comment on the gals I have met since I started knitting. Knitters are so generous too. I have been blessed.