Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Reflections

Does anyone else ever get completely overwhelmed by the day to day? I have found lately that just trying to get the next thing done, can be almost paralyzing. Gggrrr...

In my attempt to take better care of my emotional self. I set out to make a little time for me, something that was not directly benefiting anyone else. Hahaha. Is that even possible with 5 kids, a husband, and the current sports schedule? Well that is what I have been trying to find out.

It has become crystal clear to me that I don't know how to do that. Can you expect to much from yourself? Can you be so involved in doing the next thing that nothing is fulfilling anymore? My hobbies are important to my mental health so I am resolving to get with it and continue to make time for the things that I love to do.

Reflecting on a few things some people have "shared" recently about my kids (that connects with my parenting) made me really angry. I do not let my kids get away with much. They are good kids, with kind hearts, and lots and lots of energy. That is not bad, or disruptive. It is the nature of boys. Why do I let people get to me? Why do I care what they think?

Negative input from people have been a blow to my psyche and heart many times. In an effort to change their minds I have slowly changed. My kids are my life right now. Where is the grace that comes with being in the trenches of parenting together? It is a tough job for all of us. I don't expect nor would I want anyone else to do this job for me. No one will love my kids like I will or can. They are mine! So I am committing to thinking of my kids in a positive way as much as possible. Well I will end that soap box moment with a little insight a friend shared with me yesterday.

"They will remember that you LOVED them." Gulp. It sparked something in my core.

Wow I was really mad about that. Hehehha. Let's move on.

My pictures don't seem to be downloading to share with you all right now I will try again this afternoon. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon here at our house. The kids had a very good time too. They ate played and watched a movie. Holiday's have not been that simple in a long time. Yeah!! I hope Christmas is as pleasant.

Speaking of Christmas, I decided not to knit anything for Christmas this year.... Nothing.. Not one item... WELL THAT IS A LOAD OF... YEAH RIGHT... This little statement has now produced two pairs of commissioned ankle socks, a girl hat, a pair of fingerless mitts (more to follow) and the ideas keep coming. Not that I will get all of them accomplished before the big day but I will write them down and get to them as soon as I can (crawling, active, baby not included, some restrictions apply).

Then there is the afghan, oh the treasured, heirloom afghan. I am going to get caught up on that as soon as I can too. I can't put it off any longer. I must finish.

Well I should close for now. My little man thinks it is lunch time already. Happy December!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo Update

Landon the day before school started. He just loves boxes as playpens. He has truly completed our family. On the few days he is naughty (very few) he is a joy to everyone the rest of the time. I am waiting to see if he will show us a different side of himself as he grows. But I will take it!!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can't begin to explain why I have not been writing. Most of it seems to be the kids again! Hmmm, funny how that always seems to get in the way of things that I feel are important.

I don't know if anyone still reads this or not but I purpose to be a better blogger this year. I missed it so much.

I have been knitting, just not really finishing much. I did a couple of scarves for Knot Another Hat. Realizing quickly that I would not be inspired to knit scarves for all my Christmas gifts (smirk,chuckle,laugh).

Okay so the boys are in school again this year. Most of them are loving it. I will refrain from any long ranting here. Just in case I have any school folks reading this. We have one challenge person in our midst and I have committed to praying for said person, because the alternative is not, well very nice. heheheh.

After a few months of discovering mean people in my life. I quickly decided, mean people suck. Really there is nothing I can say that would make that statement untrue.
So I am weeding out those that take to much out of me and take me away from the things that matter in my life. FAMILY, FRIENDS, KNITTING...ETC.

Alex has been so over the moon with his classroom and his new teachers and friends. He is so funny. The stories he is coming home with are challenging me as a parent to figure some things out.

The boys are all doing a round of soccer and Makoa can't wait to get a turn. Basketball and wrestling are just around the corner for him. Can I just say if any care dealer/manufacturer would like to donate a 10 passenger van or Suburban to this crazy, busy mom of 5 active boys we are glad to have you email us. heheheh. We are living in the car. Homework is just not as fun if you are elbowed by your bony knee, pointy arm brother, who can't sit still for anything. Not to mention the light are not made for homework/reading.

I will post photos after I drop off the kids tomorrow. Mr. Landon is getting so big. I can't believe he will be 8 months already. Time just seems to have taken a lofe of its own this year.

If anyone still reads this and is interested in the rantings of this busy mom. Shoot a little comment and I will share some stories with you soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Okay, sadly this post is only about a month over due. I can't believe it takes me so long to blog these days. Wee little Whitaker seems to know when I sit down at the computer, he is hungry or poops just about every time. Heheheh..

So, on to the story. It isn't really as big of a deal now a month later, but the day it happened well, you tell me what you think.

I have been trying to find ways to discipline the troops in a more creative way. Our old stand by methods are just not working for the bigger boys. They require a bit more than "Because Mommy said so."

In honor of that, my boys were on a quest that morning to give me several opportunities to work on my creative correcting. Funny how that works. The day you decide to put some new plan into action they find new ways to wow and amaze us. I don't even have to say anything they just KNOW mom is up to something so they should be.

On my way into town we had to stop a couple of times to remind a couple boys who's names have been changed for their protection. Dex and Joel (hmm can you guess). How to behave in the car. Absolutely no throwing balls, jacks, or cards at anyone. We had to be reminded that yelling in the car is not okay and that our made up swear words would no longer be acceptable. Dex replies "You never told me that before
'' "Sorry mom". I am figuring out that boys need to be told what is expected they don't ever just KNOW that something is unacceptable. Go figure.

So we continued on to the store for a few more EPD (embarrassing public displays).
Just the usual things we all deal with when shopping with children. I am determined to make shopping for things necessary for our survival a pleasant experience. If I don't we may all starve to death.

After that was a quick stop to drop off a coffee drink to a friend at work. The boys were reminded that they didn't need to get out of the car for any reason I would be in and out. I could see them from the door and all that fun stuff. Well, another thing with boys is it doesn't matter how short the time frame is they find ways to AMAZE me. I was gone for maybe a minute at the most two. I open the door to my van and hear all of them in unison tell me "He licked Landon's eye." It took a me a few seconds to register what the heck they were talking about. I decided finger pointing can be used as a weapon when you have three brothers pointing at you all at once.

"WHY! WOULD YOU DO THAT!" I asked. Any mother would be curious I think. Really? Why would you think, Hmmm.. I should lick my poor, helpless, car seat bound, infant brother in his eye while mom is away. Sure, why not? Hello!!!!
" I don't know " was the response (note to self I don't know is not an answer). How do you take care of that? I was in shock that he would even think about that. I got into the car informed the troops to buckle up and I drove on in SILENCE. Our next stop was HAIRCUTS! Once we arrived my friend Maria noticed I was a little tense and says "What happened?" . Then the silence was broken. Sharing with her the events of the last few moments she look at the suspected individual and said. "Did it taste good?"
"I think that is hilarious" she says. " I did that to my husband once just to annoy him" hahahhahha.. What? Seriously I would never think let's lick someone in the eye. What ever call me closed minded and sheltered. That is crazy. So I did what any good mother would do. I told him "Wait until your father gets home."

See not as big of a deal now that I think about it. My poor little Landon will have several more interesting boy moments before he understands his brothers I am sure. Well that is all for that story.

I have been knitting a few things and I do have pictures to share I just need to download again. I got a new diaper bag friendly camera and I am still learning how to use it.

Check out knotanotherhat.com for all the new yummy yarn choices and fun stuff they have been getting in. I am working a project for the shop right now using Alpaca with a Twist PUNCH.. Oh what yummy softness. The color choices are wonderful & bright.
I miss all my knitting pals a lot right now! Can't wait for a day off to go and hang out for the whole day.

Well more from my housefullofboys soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Break?

Oh boy have we been in full swing since school has been out. I had a wonderful visit with my mom. She has not been to visit us in 7 yrs. I have gone to Hawaii a couple of times with Alex to see her. But there is just something comforting about seeing YOUR MOM in your own space.

My boys are home! Summer!! Summer Break!! Hahahahhaha. That is proving to be a bit of an oxymoron around here. I have not adjusted to all the troops being home as quickly as I had hoped. Funny how spending 8 hours a day away from your kids makes you forget the little things they do to make you laugh,cry and utterly frustrated.

For example.... Here we go the stuff I know you all sit around and wait to hear.

My #4 seems to have developed (rather successfully) the knack for getting in the LAST WORD(S). I was in a bit of a dilemma the other day and was not able to respond properly until I could finish feeding WEE LITTLE ONE.. So after a minute or FIVE of debating(arguing) with my 4 yr old (I am still the parent)(grrr).. I told him to go to his room and think about his attitude until I could take care of it.
*** " No mom, I don't think so. I am fine!"
"Go sit in your room please until I can talk to you about your attitude."
*** " I don't have an attitude mom. You have a problem with it not me." Alex says, with raised eyebrows and his signature hands on hips.
"Now don't say anything else please go to your room."
** "But, mom if you hear me.."
" I said go now with out saying anything else.."
As he is walking down the hall to his room, he mumbles...
" I told you once I don't need to think about it. I am good."

What is a mom to do? I was half irritated and half entertained by this display of LOVE from my child. It always amazes me to see how his vocabulary/reasoning is growing in his quest to annoy me. hehehehhahaha..
Ok so back to the RESOLUTION.

"Alex are you ready to listen to mom?"
"Yeah, do you feel better yet?" (ALEX)
"What do you mean do I feel better yet?"(ME)
"You're being bossy and we aren't suppose to boss people."(ALEX)

Again what do you say?

I have an eye licking story to share along with some update photos in the next post.. Bet you can't wait for that.. hehee..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Where Have All the Hours Gone?

Hello All.. I have had an extremely busy time with our new wee one. He required a little more feeding attention in the beginning. We are so greatful he seems to have turned the corner and is gaining well just Breastfeeding now. What a job it is to feed your little one. I will never assume that breastfeeding or any other NORMAL/NATURAL baby care method will just happen. Every baby is different as is each need for that baby.

I have been knitting a bit and sewing too. Also I have repainted and sewn new curtains for the living room. It was a real life home make over... It was not as quick as the 24 hours shows but I think 3 days from start to finish with 2 people and a nursing newborn isn't too shaby.

My mom is visiting us this week. Her first visit in 7 years. We have been catching up on my sewing PILE/projects. I promised she could eat and sleep when we were done.. Not a moment sooner. Hahahha.. I can be such a slave driver. Just kidding we are feeding her and she likes to craft like I do. So that has been a fun time.

We just spent the last 24 hours visiting with family at my great Aunt's celebration of life memorial service. She was nearly 80 yrs old and had such a zest for life. She was strong and determined. She was such an example in that respect. Her knitted christmas stockings she had done for each grandchild were displayed at her services. What a legacy... I am so glad that she instilled in me a desire to learn to knit. Thanks Aunt Hazel. You will be greatly missed.

I will follow up with the KAH baby shower for Mr.Landon when my mom returns to Hawaii. Until then... Happy MONDAY

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo Session!





Ok so I can't see what picture is what so I will list as many Thank You's as I can. It has come to my attention that Landon is blessed with lots of talented Aunties. He has quite a hand knit/handmade gift collection going already.

The quilted blanket is curtosey of Auntie Cheryl (aka Dreamtime Blankies) I will post more info as her new business takes off. This is lined with satin and has the ohhh soooooooo soft minky squares in it too. I love it! It will be hard to share. hehehee.

The little blue giraffe was a test knit for Nichole at knotanotherhat.com. I discovered that I am not the best test knitter. I sort of forget half way through the project that I am testing a pattern and start to do my own thing. I have to say that this pattern went pretty quickly considering it was completely made up as she went. Love the finsihed product. This will be one of the stuffed he MUST TREASURE FOREVER. The pattern is carried at knot another hat.

Then the ultimate baby blanket. The Knot Another Hat Aunties whipped up this surprise for Wee Whitaker. I can't express what this meant to me. I have discovered so many things about friendship over the past 2 years. One of them being Knitters are among the most giving people I have come to know. These ladies have become more and more like family over the last couple of years. This blanket is a testimony to that. Thanks Sarah, Nichole, Jill, Yvonne, Clair, Stacy, Shannon. I hope I did not forget anyone. You truly surprised me. I had know idea.

Landon is also sporting a pair of the smallest socks I have ever seen. Knit up courtsey of Sarah. Because my Wee little man has the longest little feet I have seen on a baby they will not fit him for long. So he is wearing them every chance he gets until he out grows them. hehehee.. Thanks Sarah.

The top picture is a bad picture of the dishcloth pattern blanket from Auntie Wendy. I love the color combo in this blanket it is just so happy.
Also from auntie Wendy was the yarn to make this little newborn hat. Of all the hats we knit up before he arrived none were small enough to fit him so I started and finished this in one sleepless evening. Love the Cascade Pima Tencel yarn it is so soft knit up.

Well that is all for today. I will get some photos of my sock busting obession that has taken root this month. I do believe at last count as of Feb 29th-Today I have completed 3 ankelets pairs, 2 pairs of pedicure socks , 1 pair of regular socks, 3 pairs of kid socks and have 1 pair of socks for me in process and a replacement pair 1/2 done for Cole. His original pair felted a bit in the wash and no longer fit.
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Wee Whitaker


Hello Blog Land! I am back for now. Hhehehe.. We would like to introduce our Wee Whitaker..
Landon Cooper Po'okela Whitaker joined our crew on March 19th. He weighed in at 7 lbs 11.6oz, 20 inches long.

It looks like we are to remain AHOUSEFULLOFBOYS!

I have to say he has been a very laid back baby for the most part. If we can adjust a few things during the day for him. Mommy might actually get some sleep at night.

The boys have been loving on him as much as they can. Visitors have limited some of the holding time for them, but they are looking forward to him eating better and being awake a bit more so they can hold him and play with him.

After a brief update from people at their school it seems our trip to the hospital was well narrated. I consider myself a pretty open person. I just am not sure how comfortable I am with the fact that 3 kids went yelling down the halls "SHE BROKE WATER" "NOW WE ARE JUST WAITING". One of the 5th grade moms shared her daughters play by play of my labor progress. Oh boy do I love my boys. They just have to tell it like it is.

I have more pictures to share I just have to transfer them to the blog. So I hope to have a little photo session later tonight or tomorrow after the kiddos are off to school.

That is all for now.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Waiting

Just wanted to throw out a quick update. We are still pregnant. Still waiting. Baby is still a couple weeks from EDD. Monday morning we had a little test run to the hospital, thinking maybe we were in labor. It turned out that we were having contractions but not anything to stick around the hospital for.

I came home and it has all been about the same since then. If anything new happens I will update.

In the meantime I am breaking the washer (to many loads). Knitting and getting my final sewing projects finished up. I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles and 2 finished pairs to photograph and post. I gifted the 2 pairs of pedicure socks! They were a huge hit. I hope to have the second sock of one of the in progress pairs done today. That would make 3 pairs of socks completed since Feb 28th. My sock yarn stash may just start to look UNDER CONTROL. hehehe..

TROOP NEWS! Well not much to report they all seem to be excited to have the baby out too. Alex has cleaned up his colorful vocabulary for the time being. THANK GOD!
He also informed me yesterday that all I have to do to get the baby out.....is to squeeze my belly like a zit and pop it out. Then the lady will catch it.
Oh if only....

They are all looking forward to spring break and Easter parties. It will be good for all of them to have a little break.

Well I will close for now with a BIG HAPPY BDAY to my husband. He is REALLY old now. That is what the kids are saying anyway. When did 33 get to be OOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDD. heheheh'

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Pictures!

Thanks to Sarah I am able to post the latest FO's for you all. Whoot, Whoot!..

Picture Time!

My first crochet hat. Can't wait to tackle the next HOOKER PROJECT.

Here is my MOMMY & ME matching hat for my sister in law and niece Lily.

This was out of the One Skein Wonder book. Made with the super yummy Cascade Leisure. I love how it turned out. It is just so happy. Now to find buttons.

Another Wee Whitaker hat. Organic Cotton Hat so soft.

Roo Design Tractor Sweater. I love all the sweater patterns Knot Another Hat has in stock of this designer. Just to cute for words.

My original left over baby hat design. I still need to write up the pattern. Love the end results.

Welcome Home Wee Whit Hat and socks. One ball of Cascade fixation with left overs for baby ankle socks. Stay tuned for updates.
Okay that is all for this post I will get the other photos up today too.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh Mylanta!!!

Well all those who still read this blog. I am still around. My goal was to figure out what was wrong with my picture software. This would enable me to blog a bit more inspiring posts. Alas I have failed to figure it out. So this weekend I am going to look up more on the Picasa site and see if I can't work my way around that. Wish me luck.

Also with the kids in REAL SCHOOL (hahaha) (outsider comments make me laugh). I have has less blog material to work with. With just one at home he tends to be better behaved and lacks the ENCOURAGEMENT to boldly go where no 3 (oops) 4 year old should go.

Since I have started working at Knot Another Hat I have been discovering, as well as reminded by my CONCERNED co-workers that I may have a habit, addiction, problem.. Whatever you want to call it. Hehemm.. We knitters can only justify our stash habits to a point and staging an intervention can be hard. Especially if those involved may have similar stashing habits.. I love them all.. So my committment to de-stashing this year is being revisited.

Christmas was a good starting point. I feel great about all I accomplished for gifts this year. Also I am happy to report that ALL HANDKNIT ITEMS were recieved with great affection..

I finished up a big project for the shop. Again no photos I will have to have Sarah snap a picture so I can post it. It is the Ripple Afghan Kit she has for sale at the shop. I started it and set it aside for the holiday's but it was fast and rewarding when I picked it back up and got to work on it.. Love the color choices too..

So far this month I have finished a few items.

Team Spirit Hat aka Sarah's Scallop Hat Pattern: For sale at Knot Another Hat.
1-Organic Cotton baby hat for Wee Whitaker
1-Baby Cascade Fixation Socks (color KOI) TOO CUTE.
1-Cascade Fixation baby Hat (Koi leftovers)
1-Freakin Adorable baby Giraffe (Nichole Pattern for sale soon at Knot Another Hat.)
1-Roo Design's Tractor Sweater (Wee Whitaker Toddler Collection.. Heheh)
1-One Skein Wonder Baby Sweater (Cascade Leisure/Lily Pond Colorway) Can I just say yummy to the yarn and the pattern was so fast. This was a great way to pass the last half of the Super Bowl Game.
1-Pair of Sock Monkey Inspired baby socks. LOVE THEM!!! Fast to knit and so cute finished.
1-pair of Magic Slipper's (Ravelry Pattern Find) So cute and great way to use up sock yarn remnants.

With all the doctor appointments and waiting in line to pick up the troops I have had lots of on the go knitting time. I love the sense of accomplishment this gives me. The laundry is even starting to become a little more caught up.

As for the pregnancy progress.. Things are going well. Baby is growing and all the blood sugar concerns seem to be undercontrol as well. Thank God we haven't had to do any drugs to keep it that way. Another plus is weighing less at 34 weeks pregnant than pre-pregnancy!! I am determined to keep it up after wee Whitaker arrives.

Well that is all for now. I should feed the hungry preschooler now.