Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So.. Yeah..Okay

Well, I feel like I am just not as interesting without my children home with me all day.

Since we have the kids in school, not homeschooling at the moment, my days are just as busy, but much less time to have the I can't believe he did that moments to occur.
I was reflecting on all that has been accomplished since they are gone 8 plus hours a day. Sadly nothing more is getting done. We still have the same piles, chores and regular household maintenance going on.

Today I was excited to sit down and knit. Having a very active wee little man around the house has made all mommy time a CHALLENGE. He thinks he should sit on my lap and type too. All the while chattering in his baby-ese language no one but Alex understands. But some how he manages to express loudly his dislikes.

Back to the knitting. I had set my knitting bag on the back seat in the car. Not realizing that my baby was with in arms reach of my knitting treasures. Praise God for the project bag inventors.

I heard him gag a little as we pulled up to the house but he was fine. We have named him Choke-a-hontas. He eats everything then promptly shoves his fingers in his mouth and gags it back up. Laughing proudly at his accomplishment. He did however manage to get the one lone post it note that was marking and cataloging essential information for the baby Roo afghan I have been working on. Well note to self. Don't assume that he must have only torn up the post it. No, no, no.. As sad as loosing the information is for me right now ( I have to go back and re write the info in my NOTEBOOK... I know I was working my way there, I just hadn't made it that far yet)
to my utter shock, the before naptime diaper revealed, post it notes, when digested quickly following a mexican lunch have a strange thing in common with corn. It comes out the way it goes in... Tiny little neon green pieces of paper were staring back at me. Oooohhh my heck. Landon laughed the biggest belly laugh I have ever heard. I must have had the most entertaining expression on my face.
Anyway all that to say I have yet to knit a stitch today and would have taken a photo to share but upon further thought decided, somethings I know you can imagine.. hehehe.. Landon is sporting his new top down sweater I started and finished for him in a week. Very fast Knitting Pure and Simple Bulky Sweater.. The other is a rare shot of all the big boys standing still long enough to get a picture..