Friday, June 19, 2009

Adventures in Summer

Okay, well it has been way too long since my last post. I find that is becoming a regular opening line to this blog lately.
We are still alive. Since the last post we have had four bday's, 2 school programs, 1 doctors visit and our first broken bone. That is just a few of the big things anyway.
Austyn turned 13! Yikes, we are parents of a teenager. I am so glad he is our first. His personality and over all disposition is a joy. We are glad to have him as the "test dummy".
We had a Fear Factor themed party for our new teen. It was an eye opener. Teen boys will do alot for bragging rights. Our lone girl Sam stepped up the girl power and did all the challenges and showed the boys how it was done! Go Sam. Makoa was the dark horse of the party. He put some of the big boys to shame with his brave face and choked down some of the nasty food concoctions. Rick was a brave soul and took the crew of boys camping for the night. I am so glad I got to stay in my comfy bed. Thanks honey! Austyn had a great time and thanks Lisa for letting us invade your house with all our goo and boys.
Landon turned 1 in March and we think that he will be a cake LOVER. This is his first reaction to dig in! He attempted to poke his finger in the middle but it did not deliver the same results. I have to hand it to him. We were very amused.
Not a very good shot of Alex's cast but he likes this picture alot. That is Liz one of our favorite babysitters. She is graduated now :( Alex thinks he will be ready to ask her dad if they can get married when he turns 6, we'll see how that works out. She may find a man her own age before he is brave enough to chat with Mr.T but if she isn't married before he graduates he has his eye on her.
I will update you all hopefully with pictures soon, our boys have been putting on daily performances for each other and it is pretty funny what they are coming up with.
My final input for this post was from Alex..
"Hey mom, what is does whitty mean? Is that like a short name for Whitaker?"
Cole says " NOoooooo Alex, it is a rapper name duh!"
Oh my gotta love them.