Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Well I have just finished my mitten class. Which was not as hard as I thought it would be. The ladies were a hoot and Yvonne the instructor was so great. I am glad she has the tolerance for the roudy bunch of us. I have to say I have a little bit of mitten fever now. I am currently trying to get my stuff sorted out to make the trip to Celebrate Portland (scrapbooking marathon.

This is another photoless blog because my camera is malfunctioning. SURPRISE, SURPRISE... Let's keep the theme going. I am glad that we are currently recovering from all the sick bugs this is a help with the sanity...

My stocking is almost done as well. I am still a little bummed that it has taken so long to get to this point but the light at the end of the tunnel gives me hope.

The boys are still trucking along with all their school work. Some days are more productive thatn others but I will take what I can get...

I am off to finish the dishes and cast on the toddler socks. I am having sock withdrawl and can't wait to get the quickie sock done..

For all who lurk about.. Happy WEDNESDAY. My youngest turned years old today! Amazing how time flies when they are making a crazy mess and tormenting each other.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blog Land Is Acting Up

Hello All-
I have been experiencing technical difficulties with everything in my bubble recently. This dishwasher is almost working again. The broken glass top stove is finally repaired. Our dryer is now drying clothes (it's new). The washer is making a hideous sound on the wash cycle and we feel as if we may visit the Wizard in Oz when it hits the spin cycle. That, will need to just cooperate until the money tree grows in the back yard (maybe in the spring).. hehe..

I was dealing with the added sassy talk of my 2 year old yesterday. He has been having a marvelous last 6 months with potty training. Yesterday (keeping with the theme of malfunctioning items) he picked several times during the day to pee in various locations in our home. Being the kind, patient mother that I am.. (heheh) I banished him to the highest tower to be guarded by a fire breathing dragon. (mommy) Until he could change his baditude (bad attitude).
At which he barks. I don't like it. I hate my bed. I'm hungry. You are so mean..
This doesn't not penetrate the resolve of this kind mommy. Who was joyfully singing as she mopped up pee spot after pee spot. I was mulling over the types of punishment that would fit the crime, not able to muster anything more creative than rubbing his nose in it like a puppy. Or making him clean it up I opted for the time out to continue. It took about 45 minutes for him to come out and say MOMMY I AM HAPPY NOW. DO YOU FORGIVE ME? Big accomplishment. I am always amazed at how they answer my questions about bad behaviour. I ask hey bud why are you peeing on the floor. To which he gleefully responds. Cause I want too. What do you say to that.
Anyway that concludes this weeks-- I can't believe he did that moment..
I am off to bake and plan a very last minute bday celebration for two of my boys. Being five years age difference between the youngest and the second born I am glad that they don't mind sharing party time for now..
I will update the knitting with photos later today. Off to save the world by feeding the troops.. heheheh

Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday's Should Have a Different Name

Well I just wanted to update with a quick I am still alive. I have been on a mission to complete my post Christmas projects. I have 4 things that I need to finish before I can start anything new. Hahahah.. My hubby thinks he can limit this. I am trying to be a submissive wife. This is very challenging for me at times in other areas. SOoooooooo knitting is sorta one of those things he has not BOTHERED me with.. Well I think his motivation for telling me to finish is so he can wear the sweater I started in October for him..

Monday, January 01, 2007

What Have I Done This Year?

Look! Pictures on a actual posting day.....Here are the projects I did this week. They still need to be blocked but I am so excited to be done with them..
I was reflecting on my year. I don't do this very often, it can be down right depressing. Knowing nothing really changes EVER at our house. Some may find comfort in the steadiness of this kind of thing. I just kind of get claustrophobic. My changes come in rearranging furniture and moving books that have been read and replacing them with books that NEED to be read. Don't get me wrong I LOVE that...

So, Did I make any discoveries? Did I contribute anything of value to the world? Did I do anything exciting or fun? Did I accomplish anything? Did I make a difference?

Well the answer to these things did not immediately enlighten me. I was reading some journal entries from this past year ( yes I do have a journal, Not a DEAR DIARY, more like a place to write down information I can blackmail my kids with later..)

I did make a discovery- cooking oil and maple syrup in the hands of a 4 year old and his 2 year old brother are weapons of mass destruction. My advice- do not make this CHORE a lesson. Clean it up yourself it is not worth the art work they create on the appliances while they are "cleaning".... You will have to clean it up anyway.

Did I contribute anything of value- A friend shared that their son (who has down syndrome) shared he was thankful for my oldest son Austyn. They shared how sweet my boys are to Josh. They fight with him like any other sibling or friend in their lives. My son Makoa rushes out to open the door for any LADY we know just to be a GENTLEMAN. My four year old Cole says the sweetest things to people. Like "I love you big." "You are my most strong friend"- When I tuck him in at night he says "Mom you are the best and dad is the best." This is a rare treat but he means it from the bottom of his heart.. Alex has an amazing ability to make people laugh...
So I look at this as raising young men who may make a difference...

Did I do anything fun or exciting-- I LEARNED TO KNIT.. AND MADE SOME NEW FRIENDS.. The meeting new people thing for me is a huge challenge. I love to stay at home and be in my comfort zone.. I have discovered I like MOMMY TIME away from the kids, chores and my house..

Did I accomplish anything- Well in the knitting arena. I made 6 felted bags, 4 baby hats, 3 adult hats, 2 pairs of felted baby booties, 4 pairs of adult socks, 3 pairs of kids socks, 1 toddler tank top, 1 baby vest, 1 baby tee, 1 pair of baby booties, 2 dishcloths, 1 headband, 2 pairs of felted slippers. That is all I can remember right now. This is a pretty great accomplishment for me considering I started knitting about April of 2006.

The jury is still out on weather or not I made a difference. But this year my resolution is simply to LAUGH more and not take life so seriously. Just ENJOY what is my LIFE-- MORE....
Happy New Year to all of you who have made me find my laugh again. A very special Happy New Year to those of you who ENABLE me to purchase things I HEART without looking at me like I have completely lost my mind.. Heheheh. You know who you are.

Tagged! Aggh!!

Hmmm. This is the first tag I have ever received. Do I know 6 things about me? Let alone 6 interesting or unusual things? hehee. Very funny Vonnie, Very funny.
Well here goes....

1. I was born on July 3rd, 1976. This isn't really that unusual. But how many new mom's get a fantastic view of the fireworks show 5 hours after giving birth to their first child?

2. I have a sort of sick obsession with ANYTHING organizational. I secretly look at the Storage/Organize it all type magazines, while shopping in the store. If I bought them and brought them home, my hubby would never let me hear the end of it. It just makes me happy.

3. My first born was born in 1996, and my second born is six years old. Again not very interesting.. hehehe. Four boys and a husband make our little family SIZE 6.

4. I always wanted 10 kids with 6 boys (until I had four boys in a row)..

5. Until this year. I have really only ever had 6 close friends. Not including family members. This is weird for me.

6. I would love to write children's books and poetry and get paid for it when I GROW UP! But for now I will just be content 1. Homeschool my 4 boys 2. Read as much as I can 3. Continue to find new ways to get out of doing the laundry (felting is a great excuse) 4.Knit 5. Scrapbook 6. Blog