Monday, January 01, 2007

What Have I Done This Year?

Look! Pictures on a actual posting day.....Here are the projects I did this week. They still need to be blocked but I am so excited to be done with them..
I was reflecting on my year. I don't do this very often, it can be down right depressing. Knowing nothing really changes EVER at our house. Some may find comfort in the steadiness of this kind of thing. I just kind of get claustrophobic. My changes come in rearranging furniture and moving books that have been read and replacing them with books that NEED to be read. Don't get me wrong I LOVE that...

So, Did I make any discoveries? Did I contribute anything of value to the world? Did I do anything exciting or fun? Did I accomplish anything? Did I make a difference?

Well the answer to these things did not immediately enlighten me. I was reading some journal entries from this past year ( yes I do have a journal, Not a DEAR DIARY, more like a place to write down information I can blackmail my kids with later..)

I did make a discovery- cooking oil and maple syrup in the hands of a 4 year old and his 2 year old brother are weapons of mass destruction. My advice- do not make this CHORE a lesson. Clean it up yourself it is not worth the art work they create on the appliances while they are "cleaning".... You will have to clean it up anyway.

Did I contribute anything of value- A friend shared that their son (who has down syndrome) shared he was thankful for my oldest son Austyn. They shared how sweet my boys are to Josh. They fight with him like any other sibling or friend in their lives. My son Makoa rushes out to open the door for any LADY we know just to be a GENTLEMAN. My four year old Cole says the sweetest things to people. Like "I love you big." "You are my most strong friend"- When I tuck him in at night he says "Mom you are the best and dad is the best." This is a rare treat but he means it from the bottom of his heart.. Alex has an amazing ability to make people laugh...
So I look at this as raising young men who may make a difference...

Did I do anything fun or exciting-- I LEARNED TO KNIT.. AND MADE SOME NEW FRIENDS.. The meeting new people thing for me is a huge challenge. I love to stay at home and be in my comfort zone.. I have discovered I like MOMMY TIME away from the kids, chores and my house..

Did I accomplish anything- Well in the knitting arena. I made 6 felted bags, 4 baby hats, 3 adult hats, 2 pairs of felted baby booties, 4 pairs of adult socks, 3 pairs of kids socks, 1 toddler tank top, 1 baby vest, 1 baby tee, 1 pair of baby booties, 2 dishcloths, 1 headband, 2 pairs of felted slippers. That is all I can remember right now. This is a pretty great accomplishment for me considering I started knitting about April of 2006.

The jury is still out on weather or not I made a difference. But this year my resolution is simply to LAUGH more and not take life so seriously. Just ENJOY what is my LIFE-- MORE....
Happy New Year to all of you who have made me find my laugh again. A very special Happy New Year to those of you who ENABLE me to purchase things I HEART without looking at me like I have completely lost my mind.. Heheheh. You know who you are.

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Tammy said...

You know what? You did make a difference this year!! In the lives of your boys. Seriously think about how things could be different if you worked all of the time away from home, if they were in school, etc. I really do believe that we make a big difference in our kids' lives by being there for them.

You also made a difference for yourself by learning to knit. It is expanding your creative brain processes. :)