Friday, January 19, 2007

Blog Land Is Acting Up

Hello All-
I have been experiencing technical difficulties with everything in my bubble recently. This dishwasher is almost working again. The broken glass top stove is finally repaired. Our dryer is now drying clothes (it's new). The washer is making a hideous sound on the wash cycle and we feel as if we may visit the Wizard in Oz when it hits the spin cycle. That, will need to just cooperate until the money tree grows in the back yard (maybe in the spring).. hehe..

I was dealing with the added sassy talk of my 2 year old yesterday. He has been having a marvelous last 6 months with potty training. Yesterday (keeping with the theme of malfunctioning items) he picked several times during the day to pee in various locations in our home. Being the kind, patient mother that I am.. (heheh) I banished him to the highest tower to be guarded by a fire breathing dragon. (mommy) Until he could change his baditude (bad attitude).
At which he barks. I don't like it. I hate my bed. I'm hungry. You are so mean..
This doesn't not penetrate the resolve of this kind mommy. Who was joyfully singing as she mopped up pee spot after pee spot. I was mulling over the types of punishment that would fit the crime, not able to muster anything more creative than rubbing his nose in it like a puppy. Or making him clean it up I opted for the time out to continue. It took about 45 minutes for him to come out and say MOMMY I AM HAPPY NOW. DO YOU FORGIVE ME? Big accomplishment. I am always amazed at how they answer my questions about bad behaviour. I ask hey bud why are you peeing on the floor. To which he gleefully responds. Cause I want too. What do you say to that.
Anyway that concludes this weeks-- I can't believe he did that moment..
I am off to bake and plan a very last minute bday celebration for two of my boys. Being five years age difference between the youngest and the second born I am glad that they don't mind sharing party time for now..
I will update the knitting with photos later today. Off to save the world by feeding the troops.. heheheh

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Lavendersheep said...

Just remember that knitting keeps you sane!