Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today is my 12 th wedding anniversary. Since I have become the most unoriginal person on the planet. I am blog lifting Yvonne's Tribute. hehehehe. This made me realize a few things reading through her blog. I do not think about most of these things often enough.

I do have to say that my hubby made a very grand gesture this year for our big day. He is not one to shop (ever) let alone in a mall. I don't love to shop that much either but I HEART, HEART, HEART bookstores. It is almost a support group situation. This is why we do not go to Portland without a mission. hehehe.

He went into Portland with a friend and went into the mall and Barnes and Noble.... He was so excited to give me his purchased treasures that he almost gave me the gifts the night he shopped (thank you sweety).. Above is the only photo I have of my hubby (laughing).. Then the book ( Yes it is a knitting book ), Lastly meet Love Muffin from Build A Bear. I have to say that I am not much of a stuffed animal girl but this is by far the sweetest gift my hubby has given me. Good JOB babe. Not to mention he went through all the stations and put a voice in it. Heheheh. I would have loved photos of that.

Thank you for 12 years honey. I know it has not been easy being married to both my personalities. hehehe..

2 things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:

1. His eyes. I love how they change colors with his MOOD.. or what he is wearing.
2. He is great with people. He doesn't know a stranger. heheheh.

2 compliments you give about your husband to others:

1. He is always ready to help other people out. No matter what.
2. How he has always been such a hard worker. Also that he is not afraid to have fun in public. ( this is not something I do well so I admire that he is so good at it)

2 Traits you married him for:

1. He gave me such a feeling of security. I just knew I could count on him. (not something I grew up knowing). I love that about him.
2. There was just something so comfortable about being with him. He made me laugh and he put up with my family. (that is HUGE)...hehhe

2 days you cherished most being together with your husband:

1. Our wedding- We had quite a time with the wedding plans a week before the big day and he was AMAZING. He was not going to let anything stand in the way....
2. The birth of each of out kids. (this counts as one day, since the combined total of my labor with all 4 is less than 16 hours.) He just knew when to step in and when to step back.

2 Material things you would give your husband if you inherited a fortune:

1. A new truck with all the bells and whistles. ( his dream)
2. A house that has a place he can be a guy in, with a big garage (shop) with all the boy toys he and the kids could share and chill with.

2 things you would miss most if he left for 2 weeks

1. How quiet the house is. There is just something irritating and soothing about his snoring. I don't sleep well when he is gone.
2. The way he can step in and take the kids if I am having a moment of insanity.

2 places you have lived with your husband:

1. Hood River, Oregon
2. Vancouver, Washington

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Sunday

Well I have to say Happy Sunday! I have been knitting, doing laundry and knitting and doing more laundry. Seems like I just get a little caught up and it is time to change the bedding.
I did finish up a couple fantastic little baby gifts. It has been raining little people in my world and there are just so many fabulously cute things to make for them.

I will post pictures of the finished projects as soon as I get them into the computer. My sewing machine has been getting some action too. I know, I know.. I should be planning meals and spring cleaning. What fun is that?

I know few lurk here on a regular basis but I would love to hear what you all have planned for summer. As for us we plan to attempt enjoying our summer close to home. My cousin and 2 of her kids will be here for the next couple of weeks. They are visiting from Maui and I will probably not be knittin much. Hmm that may not be at all exceptable but I do plan to take full Aunty privilages of squeezing some love into her kiddo's. They are sooooooooooooooooo adorable how can I resist.

Take care and stay tuned for FO photo's

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Date Your Mate

Well I just wanted to know if it is okay to share a date night with another hot guy and gal.
My hubby and I went to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert last night! I have to say I was more than a little distracted by the hunky Mr. McGraw. Guilt was about to set in for the thoughts running through my head. hehhehe. When I noticed my hubby noticing Ms. Faith Hill too. I don't know if it was her showman ship, or the fact that when she waived to the crowd she has no flab anywhere I could see. That kept his attention. heheheh.. Thanks honey for arranging a sitter and everything...

We had some friends who got tickets at the last minute invited us to go with them. I have to say. I have not sat for almost 3 hours in a row since my flight to Hawaii over a year ago. It was worth every bit of rear end numbness associated with the sitting. (SMIRK :b )..

So, I had to get that out and say that my cell phone takes terrible photos. I did not have my camera. I forgot it in all of the last minute excitement. I mean really it was TIM....
My secret dream to become the next fiddler for a country music MAJOR was rekindled as well. I have not informed my family that I will need to enroll in a 10yr summer fiddle camp to come close to accomplishing junior fiddle competition level. Do you think they would miss me? It is a dream after all. hehehe.

The latest knitted baby gifts are off to their new homes I can't wait for the photos to follow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whoopsy Daisy Hat?

I chose the kitty buttons for the polka dot cutie. Then whipped up the little upside down daisy hat from Itty Bitty Hats (Susan B. Anderson). This was too cute, and what a great way to use up the stash. Last but not least the completed baby PRAYER cap. I am still trying to decide if I cast on enough stitched on the little socks. Hmmmm. The little gray cap is made out of the yummy soft Nashua Organic Cotton. Makes me want to make a big one for me.

Can't wait to see all these cute items on the adorable little ones they were knit for.
We have been unusally NOT busy but seem to replace time with important things like laundry, meals and showers. hehehe..
Happy Wednesday to all.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Block Off!

I have never been so relieved to be finished with an object in my entire year of knitting.

This square is not overly technical it just seemed to be one of those things I couldn't get through smoothly. But I am happy to report that around 10:30 pm last night. My thrid installment to the afghan is complete. That would be the tan colored square. The log cabin is just to display the progress. I was side tracked with a migraine most of the weekend so I was not able to get very far with it.
Believe it of not I have actually scrapbooked a couple pages too. Yeah!!
My new challenge is to find lots of short activities for my troops this summer. When discussing our summer plans my hubby thinks the kids need to take a month long break from their regular school schedules soooooo that leaves me to do a little creative planning.. Hmm.. Any suggestions?
Well, I guess I should go see why my son is so upset about his brother LOOKING AT HIM..
I may even post the finished baby hat I am knitting up for my friend who is in labor today. I love the baby thing they are so easy to knit for. Small. Tiny. Cute little baby things.
This I believe will be my new way of praying for the babies and mommies while they do all the work. I think I will work out a little poem to accompany the little gift too. Well off to see what the troops are up to. They are getting quiet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let's Polka Dot!

This little Polka Dot number was super fun and oh so cute. I was not especially fond of the weaving of the polka dot ends but it was worth it in the end.
I hope my sister in law loves it as much as I do.
This is my first attempt at a baby blanket. I have been discouraged from knitting a baby blanket in the past. I believe that the rows and rows of garter stitch can become a bit boring. So I think this little log cabin style blanket will be the happy medium on this project.
Home schooling can be sooooooo interesting. Austyn was suppose to be keeping an eye on the little boys for me. This is what I walked in on. Alex (table climber) was inspecting the contents of the SILVER BOWL. Cole (stirring the pot) is explaining to Alex that it is hard to cut up the cupcake batter. It's on the sides he tells him. Just eat that side before we have to share with Makoa too. Guess I better be doing another lesson on being kind to your brother.

"See that is my part." Cole insists. Alex just kind of wondering why his side is already gone. Oh my.
Just wanted to give a little update. I have been busy the last week. My buddy Sarah and another friend had their babies so I have been making meals and oh-ing and aw-ing over pictures and babies. Just waiting to see when the last 2 babies will arrive on scene. YEAH!! Babies are such a reminder of all that is untainted in our world. They are so sweet and cuddly.