Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Reflections

Does anyone else ever get completely overwhelmed by the day to day? I have found lately that just trying to get the next thing done, can be almost paralyzing. Gggrrr...

In my attempt to take better care of my emotional self. I set out to make a little time for me, something that was not directly benefiting anyone else. Hahaha. Is that even possible with 5 kids, a husband, and the current sports schedule? Well that is what I have been trying to find out.

It has become crystal clear to me that I don't know how to do that. Can you expect to much from yourself? Can you be so involved in doing the next thing that nothing is fulfilling anymore? My hobbies are important to my mental health so I am resolving to get with it and continue to make time for the things that I love to do.

Reflecting on a few things some people have "shared" recently about my kids (that connects with my parenting) made me really angry. I do not let my kids get away with much. They are good kids, with kind hearts, and lots and lots of energy. That is not bad, or disruptive. It is the nature of boys. Why do I let people get to me? Why do I care what they think?

Negative input from people have been a blow to my psyche and heart many times. In an effort to change their minds I have slowly changed. My kids are my life right now. Where is the grace that comes with being in the trenches of parenting together? It is a tough job for all of us. I don't expect nor would I want anyone else to do this job for me. No one will love my kids like I will or can. They are mine! So I am committing to thinking of my kids in a positive way as much as possible. Well I will end that soap box moment with a little insight a friend shared with me yesterday.

"They will remember that you LOVED them." Gulp. It sparked something in my core.

Wow I was really mad about that. Hehehha. Let's move on.

My pictures don't seem to be downloading to share with you all right now I will try again this afternoon. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon here at our house. The kids had a very good time too. They ate played and watched a movie. Holiday's have not been that simple in a long time. Yeah!! I hope Christmas is as pleasant.

Speaking of Christmas, I decided not to knit anything for Christmas this year.... Nothing.. Not one item... WELL THAT IS A LOAD OF... YEAH RIGHT... This little statement has now produced two pairs of commissioned ankle socks, a girl hat, a pair of fingerless mitts (more to follow) and the ideas keep coming. Not that I will get all of them accomplished before the big day but I will write them down and get to them as soon as I can (crawling, active, baby not included, some restrictions apply).

Then there is the afghan, oh the treasured, heirloom afghan. I am going to get caught up on that as soon as I can too. I can't put it off any longer. I must finish.

Well I should close for now. My little man thinks it is lunch time already. Happy December!!