Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Good Tidings We Bring to You and Your Friends

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house.
Scattered paper and boxes, the dirty socks of my spouse.
The stockings were flung by the new underwear.
In hopes that our mother would not give a care.
The children, were tired and begged to be fed.
While visions of a housekeeper danced in my head.
I vaguely recall papa snoring away.
I scurried about storing food from the day.
The boys were all busy hording their loot.
Legos, pirate ships and things that you shoot.
My hubby was nestled all snug in his bed.
I opted to check out my stash instead.
My stocking was filled with girl stuff you see.
Stuff that was put there especially for me.
A rare gift indeed, I did not have to share.
The Reeses Peanut Butter Trees were unwrapped with care.
I reread the certificate for scrapbooking fun.
The joy, that was bubbling, had just begun.
One, thin little gift sat under the tree.
It was from hubby, what could it be?
I tore open the paper and threw off the sash.
I clapped and I giggled, I thought it was cash.
But to my surprise! It was the best gift of all.
Knitting for me winter,spring, summer and fall.
We had a blessed holiday season. Thanks to family and friends.
Best wishes to you as your New year begins......

At the time of this post the camera was buried somewhere in the piles of wrapping paper and boxes.. Or possibly in the cushions of the couch. Not surprising to the faithful few who lurk about. I will have to post picture later... hehehehe..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Gifts Go On!

Well here are the last of the LAST MINUTE gifts. Just drying up the felted slippers. I hope that they are a huge hit.
I just wanted to wish the faithful few readers of my blog. A very MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope that you new year is filled with many joyful times. I know I am looking forward to a fresh start after the HOLIDAY.
If I was the resolution type I think I would have to resolve to just be still and go to sleep. More sleep is what I truly want for Christmas.....

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Stockings Were Hung...

Here are the last of this years stockings. All sewn up. I don't like a few things on them but oh well. They are checked off the list. If they are not whole-heartedly received as they were lovingly made, then people are just not deserving of this kind of effort next year.

The Christmas tree is finally up! With decorations too. I can't believe it actually got done. This year has just not been a decking OUR halls kind of year. Sad but true.
Thanks to the crew at KNOT ANOTHER HAT for all you laughter vacations away from the " What the HE-- was I thinking project mania".

Well I will be finishing a couple more things for the next family and then I am only down to a couple must finish items the rest will be wrapped up on the needles and become January's AFTER CHRISTMAS projects. That is fine with me.. Then I will not be so overloaded and we can actually comsume a REAL MEAL. Without paper on it and veggies.. hmmmm.

Just wanted to update you all that tomorrow is the dreaded annual posing for a Christmas Photo insert in the gift cards.. ehehheehhehe.. This is always a tearfully ended event. Were I am unconsoleable and swearing I will never do it again. EVER!!!!! But some how I am sucked back in each year by the tree, my kids in the morning (after they are fed) are sooooo cute and the christmas music just mix and I have to get them around the tree for a photo.. More on that later. I must run off to sleep for a few hours and get up and do it all again tomorrow..
Merry Christmas to you faithful few.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fa la la la la!

Pictures are FINALLY working again! My camera is still taking photos really slowly. I can't see through the screen very well either. Oh well... The stocking are completed.
I finished the sewing projects for my mom and sister's family in Hawaii. I am even going to mail them TODAY. This will be the first year in like 5 years, we've gotten stuff to them BEFORE Christmas.
The boys are about to pop with excitement about decorating. We have been the traveling Christmas decorators. Helping a few of the folks in our chruch. It has been fun but we are a little unmotivated to decorate our own home.
I am crusing along on my other holiday projects but still feel a little pressure to get them finished with the deadline approaching. I am at a loss for a few people and others just don't appreciate homemade gifts enough to INSPIRE me to whip something up for them.
Well I need to get off the computer and get on with our school day. The troops are eating and I am going to savor the quiet for a few minutes.
Hope all of you faithful few have a happy holiday week and a MERRY CHIRSTMAS..

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mean Mom RETURNS!!

Hello to the faithful few. I am a terrible mother today.. Or so my kids have informed me of that. They have been chomping at the bit to rush out into the snow. I on the other hand have not staged the dry off zone. Is it toooooooo much to ask for a little paitence in this? I mean seriously, a few more minutes will not crush the spirit of snow playing children across america. I said be thankful you live in an area where there is snow. Some kids have never seen snow. They started laughing at me and telling me I need to go get some sleep. WHATEVER!! Just passing on tidbits of knowledge. hehehehe
So on to knitting news-- My hubby sweater I was knitting away on is now a whole size smaller than it should be. Need to figure out what I am going to do about that... Grrrr... Then I finally finished the two socks at once project they are blocking now I will post about 30 photos when I finally get them all taken.. hehehahah..
I have started another baby cutie tanky shirt. Also almost done with the first sock for one of my boys for christmas.. So I am staying busy.
I will also be going crazy with my christmas sewing projects. Then on to the baking and goodie baskets.
Well that is all for now. We have all recooperated from the Thanksgiving food-fest.. Ughhhh!! Hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.
One thing I am thankful for this year are the new poeple I have met and the laughs we have shared this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better this year.
The "I CAN"T BELIEVE HE DID THAT MOMENT" are few and far between this month. Is that good or bad? What will I write about if my kids start to become NORMAL?
My advice to those of you who go to church. Don't let your kids spin in the back row and jam out to the WORSHIP TEAM practice, with out a helmet. My lovely little 2 year old was jammin his heart out and whacked smack dab into the pew arm. (wooden pew arm) with his eye. He looked like a Rocky movie. Poor GUY...

Monday, November 20, 2006

She Lives

I can't really tell you what has been going on for the last two weeks. That is a long time for me not to blog.
Life has definitely taken on a rhythm of its own this past month. With plans for Thanksgiving being finalized that has taken lots of time.
The boys are all about the same. Busy, busy, busy. Makoa has decided he LOVES swim lessons. This is great considering the last swim lesson teacher probably still has scars from the claw marks the left in her neck, while clinging on for dear life.
I will be finishing up the first of the Christmas gifts soon. I finished a cute little baby vest for a lady who wanted it for a shower gift. I hope the recipient appreciates it.
Well I really should run my errands and clean some toilets today. So that we don't get turned into the county for a suspicious odor....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A New Day

Mom Log: Calendar Date- November 7th, 2006.
Today started with strange life forms, visiting from another planet.
The boys woke up unusually pleasant for my morning people. This is a good thing. I am praying that it stays so nice.
To those who had concern for my troops. They ended the afternoon in the well behaved and cooperative manner, I know they are capable of.
Good News may be just around the corner. The dryer may be okay. We have an electrician friend who came by last night to peek at it and he thinks the dryer may only need a new cord.
This is a plus... Cause I soooooo don't want to have to spend the money on a new dryer. I have soooo many worthy things I could invest in.. CHUCKLE, CHUCKLE.. I have some friends on the inside who know what I'm talking about..
In other news-- My friend Miss. Vonnie from lavendersheep is whipping me up some DESTINY sock yarns. I can't wait to see the finished product.
You have to check out my side bar and check out her blog. She has a cool ETSY store there and you can see all her cool creations.
Her yarn is so fun. I wanna be a spinner/dyer like her when I grow up..
She is just a nice person too. So of course I HEART NICE PEOPLE!! Thanks Vonnie....
I will post some pictures when I get it..
Until then off to feed the ailens maybe food is the key to their happiness.

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Is she crying or laughing?"

This is what I heard as I was in tears in my bathroom after returning from 3 hours at the laundry mat with all four boys at 7 in the morning..
"Is mom in the bathroom?". "Yeah, why?" ,"Is she crying or laughing?".
I was crusing along finishing up my projects yesterday and was on a mission to track down a FUNNY SMELL. It was sort of a burning rubber or nasty meat grease. I was not sure. All day I smelled it. SOOO last night I switch the laundry and was loading the dishwasher when I hear a huge POP! Not to alarming, if the power hadn't went out.
So I am scrambling down the hallway to switch the breaker, and the smell is really bad now.
The dryer is fried. GGGGGGGGGGGGGRR. I don't know if it is worth the repair man coming to look at it for $50-100. That is just to come out and let me know if it is fixable. hmmmm.
Well, I had two wet loads and the washer would not spin out the water. Soooo, I think what ever happend with the electricity last night has now killed both my washer and my dryer.. This is not what a mom with 4 boys wants to realize with 5 over flowing baskets waiting for her. Fast forward from 1am (going to bed) to 5:30ish (waking up for the day). I need to get the laundry done.
Well, off we went to the little laundry mat at 7ish this morning. My kids were acting like DEAF-MONKEYS. What is up with that? I could not get one of them to CALM DOWN. So I came home and cried in the bathroom at the love and obedience they showed their mother in public and have gotten absolutely nothing else done.
Just thought I would give you all a quick up date- Also to say don't worry if I am a little slow in posting. I may be on vacation to my white-jacket spa. I will let you all know when I return. hehehe..
Chow for now.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello All

Well to the faithful few. I am finally updating my blog. I have had family in from Hawaii and we have had a full couple weeks of running and site seeing. Followed by pumpkin carving and coloring.
Swim lessons have started for the troops so that has pretty much taken over my life for the past week or so. We should be in a bit of a slow down mode now that the Hawaii crew is safely home in much warmer weather.
How will I recover from the lack of sleep and now the RAINY weather? Hmmm...
KNITTING and SCRAPBOOKING of course. hehehe..
The photo below is proof that we had some wild fun with the cousins... The litte red tank was partnered up with a white turtle neck. Because of the COLD weather we were having. Not exactly the right conditions for a tank top. I am going to request a better shot now that they are back home in the sun..
Believe it or not. We have had a lull in the I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT MOMENTS too..
I HEART that bunches... I am still working on the Hubby sweater and finishing up the two socks at once. I will post photos soon of all the finished projects.

Don't they boys look so angelic.. heheheh.. hmmm.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I did it !!

I finished the cute red tank top for my little niece. She looked so cute in it. I am awaiting a copy of the fashion shoot. hehhe. I will post them when I get em..
This weekend while driving to the coast for another RETREAT I completed the first pair of socks for Socktoberfest. YEAH!!! They are also a bday gift for my cousin. How great is that two tasks completed. I am still trying to catch up on the sweater for the sweater class. I heart progress.

Almost ready to finish up the two socks at once. This has not been a project that I want to be friends with. I am trying to love it I just don't know about that.

Well I will posting again soon with pictures..

Monday, October 16, 2006

Are we There Yet?

Well to the faithful 3 or 5 readers here is my post update!
I was able to finally firm my babysitter for the Friday departure to the coast scrapbook getaway. In spite of my GLASS BEING HALF EMPTY attitude leading up to this. I was on my way Friday after noon for a weekend. Yeah, you heard it a WEEKEND of scrapping and relaxing.
Motivated by my deep desire to sleep in past 6:30 am, not having to share my dinner and a chance to finish my dreaded childhood album. This, spurred on by the phone ringing, several times, reminding me that I was indeed just a few moments from the boy noise around me.. hehehe

We went to Pacific City and the weather was pleasant, cool, misty, cloudy coast weather. I love the coast when it is stormy. Crazy, I know.. I had no guilt for not walking on the beach everyday and just enjoying the chatter of other ladies. Not only did I complete my album project, finish my first book of the fall into reading and finish (minus the side seaming) the cute red tank. I enjoyed just hanging out.

Gasp!!! I found I enjoy other things besides laundry, cleaning and dishes..

I made a new friend. Can you believe it. I have someone else to annoy with my I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT moments.

Well I will close with a few highlights from the weekend:
We were given a forced tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory.. Inside jokes flew with this event.. Anyway after a rather disgusting video of how the cheese is strung into spaghetti like strands. We were fascinated by the cutting and wrapping of the cheese. Ending our tour with the tasting of the squeaky cheese. Cheese curds are something else. I don't think I will love them like some people I know..

We arrived at the beach house in time to enjoy a full evening of scrapping and reading. Of course a little bit of KNITTING.

After a nice relaxing weekend and reuniting one of the scrappers with her family we were blessed with a 5 1/2 hour trip home.. I am not sure if this is a completely accurate time frame but we hit every traffic issue between Lincoln City and Troutdale. I will leave out all the other details to painful to recall, like the potty stop at a local McDonalds. This was the only downer of our trip. If it were not for the leg cramps and bladder problems. It may have been more enjoyable.

That said I am actually looking forward to the possibility of NEXT YEAR!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here are some of the pictures. Not exactly the best photos ever. I hope you can see the details of the first finished sock of the Socktoberfest..

Here is the lovely hat I made for my cousin, she will be here from Hawaii in a week.

Another shot of the Di.Ve' yarn hat.

Here is a better photo of the unblocked sock for Socktoberfest and cousin gift..

Today's I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT moment brought to you by ALEX (again)
As he was running after his older brother, in a rage to get his toy back. He ran smack dab into the living room bookshelf. The whole time he was screaming. "I want my toy! He stole it from me" " Give it to me!". Remember he is screaming and carring on about the toy. He now has a lovely bruise in a line down the side of his eye. He got the toy back and that was alllllllll that mattered. Oh my!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What's That Under the Bed!

I promise the following is true, names have not been changed to protect the person involved. I need a little giggle.
I do not make these stories up. They REALLY happen. To often during my day, my boys will bless me with yet another, I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DID THAT moment. Here is today's event.

We have a sleep walker. He comes into our room and climbs into bed with us. I have never permitted my kids to do this unless they are sick. But our YOUNGEST is persistent in everything he does. Why should this be any different? Anyway back to the story.....

It was the usual 2:30 - 3:00 A.M. attempt to climb in and snuggle up, on mom's side of the bed (of course). I usually shoosh him back to his own bed. Except this morning I felt the 3 blanky pile beside me and wonder where he went. I am not a morning person (I may have mentioned that before) SOOOOOOO I was a litte in between awake and delirious. When I hear a muffled cry. I thought, OH NO I am squishing my 2 year old. I started to wake up (ABRUPTLY). Looking all over for him, in our king size bed it didn't take to long, it seemed like a long 10-15 seconds, realizing he was not in our bed! The sound WAS still in our room.. Hmmm.

After assessing our rather small bedroom, I see two little feet sticking out from under our bed. YES! Under the bed. He must have crawled around looking for a spot to bunker down and didn't realize he was UNDER the bed not IN it..
I am telling you reality. This is a day in the life of a householdofboys. heheheh

On to other news:
I have gotten about 3/4 through the cute toddler tank top
2 Socks at a time is into the finished gusset
Socktoberfest sock one is a toe shaping away from completing the 1st sock
and I am down to the last decrease rows of the hat I am making for my cousin (bday)
I will post pictures soon. The batteries have finally made it to the charger.

Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Progress, Love Progress

I have been trucking along, only to come to a scccccccreaching halt on the two socks at once thing. I noticed, about 5 rows down, a runner.. Grrr. I dropped another stitch. My bad word vocabulary is not available for use because my kids are listening. But BAD WORD, BAD WORD.. Picking up stitches is not something I am very good at, so I have finished up a little baby hat for my nephew, and am working on a pair of socks, for the sock of the month. Still need to read up on the requirements of that.

I can say,being almost ready to do the heel flap on the first sock in just a few hours of work. Makes me feel like one sock at a time is just fine with me..

I am still sewing up a few gifts and am almost finished with my add on book to the Fall into Reading challenge..

Like I said. I lllllllllllloooove progress. And I am still doing laundry through it all. Nice...Very NICE.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bring it on Friday

Can I just say.. "SO long, Farewell Friday's finally here."

Not that I have anything exciting planned for the weekend. I just have had one of those weeks that never end. Yeah for FRIDAYS.

I am making progress on my 2 socks at one time project. Although a little embarrassed that I am struggling so much with the home stretch of the socks. This will not get the better of me. It is just YARN and NEEDLES. I am the one with the brain, right? Why does it feel like they (the needles) are conspiring against me. hmmmm.

Anyway the cute little tank top is coming along too. I'm afraid I may need a little help with clarifying the directions but am staying with it.

Those who are following the FALL INTO READING BIT.. I had to add more fiction to the mix. I am a FICTION junkie. Try as I do to love non-fiction and other genres, I fall off the wagon and scoop up a mindless fiction book. I can't help it. It makes me happy. Ahhhhh! Confessing is so freeing. heheh. So KAREN KINGSBURY- FOUND has been added to the list. Can we do that add books to the list?

Well off to do something productive so I can justify all the laziness this weekend has to offer.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do Over

Okay, does anyone else have those days, when you just want to go back to bed and YELL "DO OVER!". This has been one of those weeks. It's only Tuesday. GULP!
If this is a sign of what is to come. I don't want to wake up for the rest of the week.
My problem is I just don't find the age appropriate things, my dear children do these days at all amusing. Is that bad?
The WWF wrestling matches in the living room. Followed by the Championship boxing matches. Topped off with the ultimate fighting competitions. Just not funny at all..
So all that to say.. AHHH!! Thank you for listening to me vent. Details I am sure will creep in as the blogs roll on.
Off to educate the troops..

Friday, September 22, 2006

Another Project!! All Done :)

This is my little butterfly cutie purse. It still needs a bit of tweaking to make the handles more secure, but it makes me smile :)

Just want you to have plenty of viewing points to enjoy. I am toying with the idea of selling these. hmmm.

I believe I have become addicted to blogging too. Oh no. The support groups will recruiting me in no time.

I READ too!!

I can't figure out how to transfer the cool little Icon everyone else has but here goes.
Katrina at http://callapidderday.blogspot.com. I Heart books. I love them. Rows and Rows of books make me bubbly inside. I joined this little accountability circle of sorts. I am going to finish up the books in process and read the must reads. Grrr. This is my second attempt at this so I hope this posts.

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours, Dr.Kevin Leman
Captivating, John & Stasi Eldredge
Leota's Garden, Francine Rivers
Boundries with Kids, Dr.Henry Cloud-Dr.John Townsend
Changes that Heal, Dr.Henry Cloud
Love & Respect, Emmerson Eggerichs
Knitting Rules, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka (Yarn Harlot)

With the Troops
Nate Saint, Janet & Geoff Benge
Little House Series Laura Engalls Wilder (This is in an attempt to get a much needed break from LOTR) Not really working but I will persevere.

Lots of little books too for the mini-men too. Just not listing them here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do I have a problem?

I would take a picture but fear my kids may be taken away.
I love lists. Yes! I do. Just the thought of the check mark next to a finished task, gives me a little thrill.
Today was one of those purging days, out with the old, broken and forgotten items. It is really just a way for me to store more yarn, fabric and scrapbooking items.
My mentor friends would frown if I asked my dear hubby to move his dresser and man stuff to storage;0)
Anyway, I was looking for my TO DO list. When I came across my CHORE list and then the kids CHORE list. Which was by the REWARDS lists. Yes you read it right it is PLURAL. Gulp.. This is starting to feel like I am writing my own committment letter to the RECOVERING LIST MAKERS CENTER.
As I was saying, I was searching for my list. Like looking around the house would not be incentive enough for me to get started. The list, I NEED the LIST!!. While searching for this and finding all these other lists. You know the long term goals, short term projects, christmas gifts/cards, the need to order scrapbook supply list.
Do you see where I am going with this? For the few who lurk about a comment or two on how to can this list making obsession would be wonderful.

My urge is to go to STAPLES and pick out some cute little spiral bound notebook to consolidate them all in one location. They could keep each other company. Not to mention I may have a thing for pretty paper, pens, and notebooks. OOOOOOOO!! A new binder with pretty color coded page protectors for all my knitting patterns.

Life in the Jungle

My jungle, even scares the wild animals!!

In the knitting areana- For those two or three readers who care.. hehe
Two pairs of these babies have been knitted up and gifted to the cutest 2 and 3 year olds.

These felted high tops for my cousins little man, made me smile. Aww!! How cute are tiny baby feet.

The kid version of my first pair knitted socks. Are now complete. Yeah I just love finishing things. This is what I did after the tank top demolition. I grieved well and fast. I am about half way through the bottom of the tank again. Soooo.. I hope to finish that soon.

Well, after returning from camp. I have had no energy to clean my house or my children.. Heheh. As you can tell by the pictures the new hair do at our house is BED HEAD. On days like today I am so greatful to have boys. They don't care what they wear (except one). If they don't have to brush their hair, I am the greatest mom in the world.

I am a little guilted out that I let them eat icecream sandwhiches with their cereal this morning. Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do. No whining at our table for that meal.

Today Austyn (oldest son) is off to expand his mind with the homeschool group. Probably a good thing since my brain seems to be on vacation. I completely spaced out on how to check a division problem. grr. I hate it when I have a pre-senior moment. We have figured it out, now moving on to bigger more complicated items..
I am so glad he is not stuck to the knowledge in my brain alone. He will be forced to use his own mind.

As for the rest of the troops today is a field trip day. We are tackling the school work quickly this morning. I love pre-school and first grade! Not sure if the laundry mat is exactly field trip material.. But after that I will take them to the library. We have to wash the boys smell out of the sleeping bags.

Off to knit the 2 socks at a time so I won't be to behind for class tonight....

Monday, September 18, 2006

Camping 2006

Well I have decided the annual family camp trip, is getting easier as the kids get bigger. It is fun that Alex is big enough to run around with the big kids.

The things I am still aquiring a good attitude about are as follows. (Not necessarily in order) ')0

1. The packing before and unpacking after.
2. Sand and rocks in the pockets of all the clothes they wore while camping.
3. The runny noses and coughs they come home with.
4. The whinning that accompanies the colds they returned with
5. My compromised (cheery disposition) because bunks at family camp are never 4 star. (By the way does anyone know what 4 star is like.) heheh
6. Last but not least the smell that follows us home (not the fresh pine tree smell)
until all the laundry is caught up again.

The good things were... The boys had a blast, slept very little and actually slept in until 7:45am today. That is a whole hour longer than normal.
My very social husband got to spend a whole weekend visiting with people who actually know what he is taking about. When he mention what tackle he used to fish with as well as the hunting lingo that goes with all that stuff too.

I was able to knit a bit. With out interruption. I even got to go to the GIRLS BATHROOM by myself on more than one occasion.
Yeah another year until we do it all again.....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I figured it out

Yeah! I just wanted to let the two or three people who may read this blog, that I FINALLY remembered my log in information.. I have know idea what my brain was doing. I hope you will rest easy knowing that I have not completely lost it.

Just a little update on my adorable little bundles of testosterone (sp?). Alex the tank top bandit is still with us. I did not exile him to a far off island. Just his bedroom. I think it is clear to him that we don't HELP mommy knit. He now has his own ball and needles. WHEW!

I have discovered a trick, for all the mom's out there who are sick of watching the same Disney movie over and over and over and over. Have the kids watch it in another language. My boys think watching Madagascar in spanish,is so funny. Mommy tip for the day.

So I have started knitting the tank top again. I knitted a couple of little projects, to get out of the funk when the last attempt was destroyed. So I am boldly digging into it again.

Also I started two socks at a time! Sounds ambitious, I know but I think it is kind of like shopping with my boys. You just jump in and try it. If you think about it to long you chicken out. hehe..

Well I will post more ramblings of a workd deprived mom later. Off to educate the troops. Todays lesson: BE KIND TO YOUR BROTHERS! Biting is not and extra curricular activity. Our school year is off to a bumpy start. I just can't seem to get motivated to do all the house work and school. Maybe I will just quit cleaning this year and just do school!? This week has been a tad smoother. We look forward to what comes next.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in land far, far away there lived a beautiful queen.
She was surrounded by her loyal subjects. They were an affectionate bunch. Full of kindness. Their zest for the fullness of all life has to offer, clearly seen in their eyes. (Then I was suddenly jarred back to reality with this next statements).

"I'm telling mom!" "No I had it before you did!"...... When shouted at the top of boy lungs,not a very pleasant way to be summoned from a dreamy slumber.

I am seeing that the Lord has such a sense of humor,putting five very CHEERFUL, loud,active morning people in the same house, with a very strong NIGHT OWL momma.
How is this possible? You would think odds would be in my favor to have at least one of my four boys NOT be a morning person. Can you believe they all love breakfast too? Not just a bowl of nutrious 'Fruit Loops' or 'Captin Cruch'. No a full breakfast complete with the pancakes, sausage and eggs. This seems like a cruel joke to those of us who consider breakfast time leaning closer to 10:00 in the morning.

My guys do keep me on my toes.......... They make me laugh occassionally when I am not fearful they will break a bone or kill each other.. hehehehe. This ,I am finding is life with BOYS.. I think I will appreciate it so much more when they move on to the next phase. Right now my judgement is a little clouded with the SMELL of boys, mixed with the mess they generate by just walking through a room. My prayer has been, that I will be paitient in this season of their lives, and learn to CHEERFULLY wake up earlier than they do one weekend. Quietly sneak into the kitchen for the pots and a spoon and run into their bedrooms, banging and wildly singing some crazy song.

Then they will all chat about how wierd mom is and go back to bed. That would be my luck to give them a jolt of reality. Then they would sleep in..hhehehe..
Oh well. I will post some pictures of my little GEMS as soon as I get it figured out.
For now I am off to knit,craft,teach you know inspire my little troops to greatness.. Hahahhaha.. That is so funny.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I love my son.. I love my son.. AH!!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to share a moment of insanity.
I was working on my first Toddler tank top. It was so cute. Basic. But cute.
I thought it would be safe, tucked away in it's basket waiting for me. Apparently I took to long shaving my legs in my selfish attempt to shower.
I emerge from my shower eager to feed the troops and start on finishing the front side of the OH SO CUTE TANK. When I saw the red ball (or should I say balls of yarn)
spread out in the KNITTING CORNER. If I hadn't been so sad, mad, irritated,& crushed. I might have taken a picture of my 2 1/2 yr old cherub. GRRR!!!
He had taken out the needles and unraveled the entire project. So after 2 hours of re-rolling all my yarn and untangling it. I am almost ready to start again. I am still grieving the loss of my little project.

My children were probably wondering why mom kept mummbling. "WHY!! WHY!! WHY!!" Okay maybe it was more of a LOUD moaning sound, you might hear when something is dying. It was kind of one of those out of body experiences. Like you are watching something in slow motion, wondering if it is really happening.

That is all for now. I will post some pictures when I figure out how to do it.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Figuring out the blog thing

Well here goes. The first of my online therapy. LOL. This is the start of my find your voice voyage.

With four boys in our home. We have one volume LOUD. They are such gems. But I can only take it for so long. Then the voices start to take over and before you know it. Mom has locked herself in the bathroom for some quiet time..

So I hope that you find a bit of humor in the ramblings of the mom.