Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mean Mom RETURNS!!

Hello to the faithful few. I am a terrible mother today.. Or so my kids have informed me of that. They have been chomping at the bit to rush out into the snow. I on the other hand have not staged the dry off zone. Is it toooooooo much to ask for a little paitence in this? I mean seriously, a few more minutes will not crush the spirit of snow playing children across america. I said be thankful you live in an area where there is snow. Some kids have never seen snow. They started laughing at me and telling me I need to go get some sleep. WHATEVER!! Just passing on tidbits of knowledge. hehehehe
So on to knitting news-- My hubby sweater I was knitting away on is now a whole size smaller than it should be. Need to figure out what I am going to do about that... Grrrr... Then I finally finished the two socks at once project they are blocking now I will post about 30 photos when I finally get them all taken.. hehehahah..
I have started another baby cutie tanky shirt. Also almost done with the first sock for one of my boys for christmas.. So I am staying busy.
I will also be going crazy with my christmas sewing projects. Then on to the baking and goodie baskets.
Well that is all for now. We have all recooperated from the Thanksgiving food-fest.. Ughhhh!! Hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.
One thing I am thankful for this year are the new poeple I have met and the laughs we have shared this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better this year.
The "I CAN"T BELIEVE HE DID THAT MOMENT" are few and far between this month. Is that good or bad? What will I write about if my kids start to become NORMAL?
My advice to those of you who go to church. Don't let your kids spin in the back row and jam out to the WORSHIP TEAM practice, with out a helmet. My lovely little 2 year old was jammin his heart out and whacked smack dab into the pew arm. (wooden pew arm) with his eye. He looked like a Rocky movie. Poor GUY...

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Lavendersheep said...

I hope you guys are staying warm. According to our temp thingy it has actually gotten colder since we got up this morning.