Monday, November 06, 2006

"Is she crying or laughing?"

This is what I heard as I was in tears in my bathroom after returning from 3 hours at the laundry mat with all four boys at 7 in the morning..
"Is mom in the bathroom?". "Yeah, why?" ,"Is she crying or laughing?".
I was crusing along finishing up my projects yesterday and was on a mission to track down a FUNNY SMELL. It was sort of a burning rubber or nasty meat grease. I was not sure. All day I smelled it. SOOO last night I switch the laundry and was loading the dishwasher when I hear a huge POP! Not to alarming, if the power hadn't went out.
So I am scrambling down the hallway to switch the breaker, and the smell is really bad now.
The dryer is fried. GGGGGGGGGGGGGRR. I don't know if it is worth the repair man coming to look at it for $50-100. That is just to come out and let me know if it is fixable. hmmmm.
Well, I had two wet loads and the washer would not spin out the water. Soooo, I think what ever happend with the electricity last night has now killed both my washer and my dryer.. This is not what a mom with 4 boys wants to realize with 5 over flowing baskets waiting for her. Fast forward from 1am (going to bed) to 5:30ish (waking up for the day). I need to get the laundry done.
Well, off we went to the little laundry mat at 7ish this morning. My kids were acting like DEAF-MONKEYS. What is up with that? I could not get one of them to CALM DOWN. So I came home and cried in the bathroom at the love and obedience they showed their mother in public and have gotten absolutely nothing else done.
Just thought I would give you all a quick up date- Also to say don't worry if I am a little slow in posting. I may be on vacation to my white-jacket spa. I will let you all know when I return. hehehe..
Chow for now.

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Lavendersheep said...

You deserve a break! If it makes you feel any better, you skeins are dyed, they are steaming right now. They are very Destiny. I think you will like them =)