Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo Update

Landon the day before school started. He just loves boxes as playpens. He has truly completed our family. On the few days he is naughty (very few) he is a joy to everyone the rest of the time. I am waiting to see if he will show us a different side of himself as he grows. But I will take it!!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can't begin to explain why I have not been writing. Most of it seems to be the kids again! Hmmm, funny how that always seems to get in the way of things that I feel are important.

I don't know if anyone still reads this or not but I purpose to be a better blogger this year. I missed it so much.

I have been knitting, just not really finishing much. I did a couple of scarves for Knot Another Hat. Realizing quickly that I would not be inspired to knit scarves for all my Christmas gifts (smirk,chuckle,laugh).

Okay so the boys are in school again this year. Most of them are loving it. I will refrain from any long ranting here. Just in case I have any school folks reading this. We have one challenge person in our midst and I have committed to praying for said person, because the alternative is not, well very nice. heheheh.

After a few months of discovering mean people in my life. I quickly decided, mean people suck. Really there is nothing I can say that would make that statement untrue.
So I am weeding out those that take to much out of me and take me away from the things that matter in my life. FAMILY, FRIENDS, KNITTING...ETC.

Alex has been so over the moon with his classroom and his new teachers and friends. He is so funny. The stories he is coming home with are challenging me as a parent to figure some things out.

The boys are all doing a round of soccer and Makoa can't wait to get a turn. Basketball and wrestling are just around the corner for him. Can I just say if any care dealer/manufacturer would like to donate a 10 passenger van or Suburban to this crazy, busy mom of 5 active boys we are glad to have you email us. heheheh. We are living in the car. Homework is just not as fun if you are elbowed by your bony knee, pointy arm brother, who can't sit still for anything. Not to mention the light are not made for homework/reading.

I will post photos after I drop off the kids tomorrow. Mr. Landon is getting so big. I can't believe he will be 8 months already. Time just seems to have taken a lofe of its own this year.

If anyone still reads this and is interested in the rantings of this busy mom. Shoot a little comment and I will share some stories with you soon.