Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photo Update

Landon the day before school started. He just loves boxes as playpens. He has truly completed our family. On the few days he is naughty (very few) he is a joy to everyone the rest of the time. I am waiting to see if he will show us a different side of himself as he grows. But I will take it!!
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Julia said...

Look at that big boy! What a cutie. Two posts in two days?? What's going on? Hope you're well, D. - Julia

Jan said...

I have missed your posts, but since my blog has been left to the dust for over a year, I am not complaining. Just glad to hear everyone is well and very busy. Landon is adorable. Post when you can.

Mokihana said...

Ho da kewt!! I still think of him as Po'okela!