Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Break?

Oh boy have we been in full swing since school has been out. I had a wonderful visit with my mom. She has not been to visit us in 7 yrs. I have gone to Hawaii a couple of times with Alex to see her. But there is just something comforting about seeing YOUR MOM in your own space.

My boys are home! Summer!! Summer Break!! Hahahahhaha. That is proving to be a bit of an oxymoron around here. I have not adjusted to all the troops being home as quickly as I had hoped. Funny how spending 8 hours a day away from your kids makes you forget the little things they do to make you laugh,cry and utterly frustrated.

For example.... Here we go the stuff I know you all sit around and wait to hear.

My #4 seems to have developed (rather successfully) the knack for getting in the LAST WORD(S). I was in a bit of a dilemma the other day and was not able to respond properly until I could finish feeding WEE LITTLE ONE.. So after a minute or FIVE of debating(arguing) with my 4 yr old (I am still the parent)(grrr).. I told him to go to his room and think about his attitude until I could take care of it.
*** " No mom, I don't think so. I am fine!"
"Go sit in your room please until I can talk to you about your attitude."
*** " I don't have an attitude mom. You have a problem with it not me." Alex says, with raised eyebrows and his signature hands on hips.
"Now don't say anything else please go to your room."
** "But, mom if you hear me.."
" I said go now with out saying anything else.."
As he is walking down the hall to his room, he mumbles...
" I told you once I don't need to think about it. I am good."

What is a mom to do? I was half irritated and half entertained by this display of LOVE from my child. It always amazes me to see how his vocabulary/reasoning is growing in his quest to annoy me. hehehehhahaha..
Ok so back to the RESOLUTION.

"Alex are you ready to listen to mom?"
"Yeah, do you feel better yet?" (ALEX)
"What do you mean do I feel better yet?"(ME)
"You're being bossy and we aren't suppose to boss people."(ALEX)

Again what do you say?

I have an eye licking story to share along with some update photos in the next post.. Bet you can't wait for that.. hehee..