Monday, December 11, 2006

Fa la la la la!

Pictures are FINALLY working again! My camera is still taking photos really slowly. I can't see through the screen very well either. Oh well... The stocking are completed.
I finished the sewing projects for my mom and sister's family in Hawaii. I am even going to mail them TODAY. This will be the first year in like 5 years, we've gotten stuff to them BEFORE Christmas.
The boys are about to pop with excitement about decorating. We have been the traveling Christmas decorators. Helping a few of the folks in our chruch. It has been fun but we are a little unmotivated to decorate our own home.
I am crusing along on my other holiday projects but still feel a little pressure to get them finished with the deadline approaching. I am at a loss for a few people and others just don't appreciate homemade gifts enough to INSPIRE me to whip something up for them.
Well I need to get off the computer and get on with our school day. The troops are eating and I am going to savor the quiet for a few minutes.
Hope all of you faithful few have a happy holiday week and a MERRY CHIRSTMAS..

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Lavendersheep said...

All of your stocking look awesome!