Monday, December 18, 2006

The Stockings Were Hung...

Here are the last of this years stockings. All sewn up. I don't like a few things on them but oh well. They are checked off the list. If they are not whole-heartedly received as they were lovingly made, then people are just not deserving of this kind of effort next year.

The Christmas tree is finally up! With decorations too. I can't believe it actually got done. This year has just not been a decking OUR halls kind of year. Sad but true.
Thanks to the crew at KNOT ANOTHER HAT for all you laughter vacations away from the " What the HE-- was I thinking project mania".

Well I will be finishing a couple more things for the next family and then I am only down to a couple must finish items the rest will be wrapped up on the needles and become January's AFTER CHRISTMAS projects. That is fine with me.. Then I will not be so overloaded and we can actually comsume a REAL MEAL. Without paper on it and veggies.. hmmmm.

Just wanted to update you all that tomorrow is the dreaded annual posing for a Christmas Photo insert in the gift cards.. ehehheehhehe.. This is always a tearfully ended event. Were I am unconsoleable and swearing I will never do it again. EVER!!!!! But some how I am sucked back in each year by the tree, my kids in the morning (after they are fed) are sooooo cute and the christmas music just mix and I have to get them around the tree for a photo.. More on that later. I must run off to sleep for a few hours and get up and do it all again tomorrow..
Merry Christmas to you faithful few.

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Lavendersheep said...

Welcome to crazy town with the rest of us. Next year I am not going to do this! Though come September I probably will be plotting again. We shall see!