Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life in the Jungle

My jungle, even scares the wild animals!!

In the knitting areana- For those two or three readers who care.. hehe
Two pairs of these babies have been knitted up and gifted to the cutest 2 and 3 year olds.

These felted high tops for my cousins little man, made me smile. Aww!! How cute are tiny baby feet.

The kid version of my first pair knitted socks. Are now complete. Yeah I just love finishing things. This is what I did after the tank top demolition. I grieved well and fast. I am about half way through the bottom of the tank again. Soooo.. I hope to finish that soon.

Well, after returning from camp. I have had no energy to clean my house or my children.. Heheh. As you can tell by the pictures the new hair do at our house is BED HEAD. On days like today I am so greatful to have boys. They don't care what they wear (except one). If they don't have to brush their hair, I am the greatest mom in the world.

I am a little guilted out that I let them eat icecream sandwhiches with their cereal this morning. Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do. No whining at our table for that meal.

Today Austyn (oldest son) is off to expand his mind with the homeschool group. Probably a good thing since my brain seems to be on vacation. I completely spaced out on how to check a division problem. grr. I hate it when I have a pre-senior moment. We have figured it out, now moving on to bigger more complicated items..
I am so glad he is not stuck to the knowledge in my brain alone. He will be forced to use his own mind.

As for the rest of the troops today is a field trip day. We are tackling the school work quickly this morning. I love pre-school and first grade! Not sure if the laundry mat is exactly field trip material.. But after that I will take them to the library. We have to wash the boys smell out of the sleeping bags.

Off to knit the 2 socks at a time so I won't be to behind for class tonight....


Knot Another Hat said...

Great socks Destiny! Ice cream sandwiches? Are you out of your mind? I would never give my kid that for breakfast. Sheesh. Atleast not without cereal, toast, orange juice, and some Goldfish crackers. :)

Tammy said...

Hey, I think anything goes for breakfast as long as there is one healthy thing to go with it!! :)

We homeschool too, a 17 yob and 12 1/2 yog, we are west of Portland.