Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do I have a problem?

I would take a picture but fear my kids may be taken away.
I love lists. Yes! I do. Just the thought of the check mark next to a finished task, gives me a little thrill.
Today was one of those purging days, out with the old, broken and forgotten items. It is really just a way for me to store more yarn, fabric and scrapbooking items.
My mentor friends would frown if I asked my dear hubby to move his dresser and man stuff to storage;0)
Anyway, I was looking for my TO DO list. When I came across my CHORE list and then the kids CHORE list. Which was by the REWARDS lists. Yes you read it right it is PLURAL. Gulp.. This is starting to feel like I am writing my own committment letter to the RECOVERING LIST MAKERS CENTER.
As I was saying, I was searching for my list. Like looking around the house would not be incentive enough for me to get started. The list, I NEED the LIST!!. While searching for this and finding all these other lists. You know the long term goals, short term projects, christmas gifts/cards, the need to order scrapbook supply list.
Do you see where I am going with this? For the few who lurk about a comment or two on how to can this list making obsession would be wonderful.

My urge is to go to STAPLES and pick out some cute little spiral bound notebook to consolidate them all in one location. They could keep each other company. Not to mention I may have a thing for pretty paper, pens, and notebooks. OOOOOOOO!! A new binder with pretty color coded page protectors for all my knitting patterns.


Lavendersheep said...

I'm a list fiend too! Join the club. However I do try to keep it in my day planner (at least for things to do). Shopping lists don't count right? or Christmas lists?

Knot Another Hat said...

Why on earth do you want us to help you "can" this issue? Sounds normal to me....