Monday, September 18, 2006

Camping 2006

Well I have decided the annual family camp trip, is getting easier as the kids get bigger. It is fun that Alex is big enough to run around with the big kids.

The things I am still aquiring a good attitude about are as follows. (Not necessarily in order) ')0

1. The packing before and unpacking after.
2. Sand and rocks in the pockets of all the clothes they wore while camping.
3. The runny noses and coughs they come home with.
4. The whinning that accompanies the colds they returned with
5. My compromised (cheery disposition) because bunks at family camp are never 4 star. (By the way does anyone know what 4 star is like.) heheh
6. Last but not least the smell that follows us home (not the fresh pine tree smell)
until all the laundry is caught up again.

The good things were... The boys had a blast, slept very little and actually slept in until 7:45am today. That is a whole hour longer than normal.
My very social husband got to spend a whole weekend visiting with people who actually know what he is taking about. When he mention what tackle he used to fish with as well as the hunting lingo that goes with all that stuff too.

I was able to knit a bit. With out interruption. I even got to go to the GIRLS BATHROOM by myself on more than one occasion.
Yeah another year until we do it all again.....

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