Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in land far, far away there lived a beautiful queen.
She was surrounded by her loyal subjects. They were an affectionate bunch. Full of kindness. Their zest for the fullness of all life has to offer, clearly seen in their eyes. (Then I was suddenly jarred back to reality with this next statements).

"I'm telling mom!" "No I had it before you did!"...... When shouted at the top of boy lungs,not a very pleasant way to be summoned from a dreamy slumber.

I am seeing that the Lord has such a sense of humor,putting five very CHEERFUL, loud,active morning people in the same house, with a very strong NIGHT OWL momma.
How is this possible? You would think odds would be in my favor to have at least one of my four boys NOT be a morning person. Can you believe they all love breakfast too? Not just a bowl of nutrious 'Fruit Loops' or 'Captin Cruch'. No a full breakfast complete with the pancakes, sausage and eggs. This seems like a cruel joke to those of us who consider breakfast time leaning closer to 10:00 in the morning.

My guys do keep me on my toes.......... They make me laugh occassionally when I am not fearful they will break a bone or kill each other.. hehehehe. This ,I am finding is life with BOYS.. I think I will appreciate it so much more when they move on to the next phase. Right now my judgement is a little clouded with the SMELL of boys, mixed with the mess they generate by just walking through a room. My prayer has been, that I will be paitient in this season of their lives, and learn to CHEERFULLY wake up earlier than they do one weekend. Quietly sneak into the kitchen for the pots and a spoon and run into their bedrooms, banging and wildly singing some crazy song.

Then they will all chat about how wierd mom is and go back to bed. That would be my luck to give them a jolt of reality. Then they would sleep in..hhehehe..
Oh well. I will post some pictures of my little GEMS as soon as I get it figured out.
For now I am off to knit,craft,teach you know inspire my little troops to greatness.. Hahahhaha.. That is so funny.

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