Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Okay, sadly this post is only about a month over due. I can't believe it takes me so long to blog these days. Wee little Whitaker seems to know when I sit down at the computer, he is hungry or poops just about every time. Heheheh..

So, on to the story. It isn't really as big of a deal now a month later, but the day it happened well, you tell me what you think.

I have been trying to find ways to discipline the troops in a more creative way. Our old stand by methods are just not working for the bigger boys. They require a bit more than "Because Mommy said so."

In honor of that, my boys were on a quest that morning to give me several opportunities to work on my creative correcting. Funny how that works. The day you decide to put some new plan into action they find new ways to wow and amaze us. I don't even have to say anything they just KNOW mom is up to something so they should be.

On my way into town we had to stop a couple of times to remind a couple boys who's names have been changed for their protection. Dex and Joel (hmm can you guess). How to behave in the car. Absolutely no throwing balls, jacks, or cards at anyone. We had to be reminded that yelling in the car is not okay and that our made up swear words would no longer be acceptable. Dex replies "You never told me that before
'' "Sorry mom". I am figuring out that boys need to be told what is expected they don't ever just KNOW that something is unacceptable. Go figure.

So we continued on to the store for a few more EPD (embarrassing public displays).
Just the usual things we all deal with when shopping with children. I am determined to make shopping for things necessary for our survival a pleasant experience. If I don't we may all starve to death.

After that was a quick stop to drop off a coffee drink to a friend at work. The boys were reminded that they didn't need to get out of the car for any reason I would be in and out. I could see them from the door and all that fun stuff. Well, another thing with boys is it doesn't matter how short the time frame is they find ways to AMAZE me. I was gone for maybe a minute at the most two. I open the door to my van and hear all of them in unison tell me "He licked Landon's eye." It took a me a few seconds to register what the heck they were talking about. I decided finger pointing can be used as a weapon when you have three brothers pointing at you all at once.

"WHY! WOULD YOU DO THAT!" I asked. Any mother would be curious I think. Really? Why would you think, Hmmm.. I should lick my poor, helpless, car seat bound, infant brother in his eye while mom is away. Sure, why not? Hello!!!!
" I don't know " was the response (note to self I don't know is not an answer). How do you take care of that? I was in shock that he would even think about that. I got into the car informed the troops to buckle up and I drove on in SILENCE. Our next stop was HAIRCUTS! Once we arrived my friend Maria noticed I was a little tense and says "What happened?" . Then the silence was broken. Sharing with her the events of the last few moments she look at the suspected individual and said. "Did it taste good?"
"I think that is hilarious" she says. " I did that to my husband once just to annoy him" hahahhahha.. What? Seriously I would never think let's lick someone in the eye. What ever call me closed minded and sheltered. That is crazy. So I did what any good mother would do. I told him "Wait until your father gets home."

See not as big of a deal now that I think about it. My poor little Landon will have several more interesting boy moments before he understands his brothers I am sure. Well that is all for that story.

I have been knitting a few things and I do have pictures to share I just need to download again. I got a new diaper bag friendly camera and I am still learning how to use it.

Check out for all the new yummy yarn choices and fun stuff they have been getting in. I am working a project for the shop right now using Alpaca with a Twist PUNCH.. Oh what yummy softness. The color choices are wonderful & bright.
I miss all my knitting pals a lot right now! Can't wait for a day off to go and hang out for the whole day.

Well more from my housefullofboys soon.


Mokihana said...

Wow. Reminds me of, "She's breathing on me!" or "She's looking at me!" We all laugh about it now. But it made driving anywhere a real challenge. And I only had two, not five.

I hope that you will be able to laugh about it sometime. I bet it's not the worst thing that will happen with a houseful of boys... scary thought, yeah? Sorry.

Lavendersheep said...

All of us knitting people miss you too! We were really hoping you would come down and knit with us on Sunday. I am sure that Jill and I would be more than happy to take turns holding baby Landon!

sarah / knot another hat said...

I swear, Des, you need to be collecting all these great stories for your first book...