Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Waiting

Just wanted to throw out a quick update. We are still pregnant. Still waiting. Baby is still a couple weeks from EDD. Monday morning we had a little test run to the hospital, thinking maybe we were in labor. It turned out that we were having contractions but not anything to stick around the hospital for.

I came home and it has all been about the same since then. If anything new happens I will update.

In the meantime I am breaking the washer (to many loads). Knitting and getting my final sewing projects finished up. I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles and 2 finished pairs to photograph and post. I gifted the 2 pairs of pedicure socks! They were a huge hit. I hope to have the second sock of one of the in progress pairs done today. That would make 3 pairs of socks completed since Feb 28th. My sock yarn stash may just start to look UNDER CONTROL. hehehe..

TROOP NEWS! Well not much to report they all seem to be excited to have the baby out too. Alex has cleaned up his colorful vocabulary for the time being. THANK GOD!
He also informed me yesterday that all I have to do to get the baby to squeeze my belly like a zit and pop it out. Then the lady will catch it.
Oh if only....

They are all looking forward to spring break and Easter parties. It will be good for all of them to have a little break.

Well I will close for now with a BIG HAPPY BDAY to my husband. He is REALLY old now. That is what the kids are saying anyway. When did 33 get to be OOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDD. heheheh'


Lavendersheep said...

Well, the baby sweater is done on my part! I think it might need to be blocked again, but I might hold off if the little one is so close to coming!

Mokihana said...

So good to have your update; I have been wondering how things are going. You missed my daughter's birthday; that woulda been fun!

Hang in there... hope you're getting some night time sleep. Let me know how things are progressing!

Love and hugs,


sarah / knot another hat said...

We wait with baited breath! :) I just knit you quite possible the smallest baby socks ever - just wait til you see them. They actually might be absurdly small - as in: will not actually fit a newborn. We'll see...