Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Birthday!

Well ,today has concluded yet another official birthday for me. We celebrated in the park with a handful of family and friends. Being that it was completely last minute and arranged by my sweet hubby on his way to work this morning it was a small affair. That was more than fine by me.
Thank you Chris and Cheryl for supplying the flames for the burgers and bringing your troops to entertain mine so we could have some grown up conversation! Chris, is also starting up a new photography studio here in Hood River. If you are looking for someone to capture more than just the posed/standard photo HE IS THE MAN. Check out the side bar and link on over to take a look, you won't be disappointed. My troops are in the childrens section, the ALL BOY photos (yes the 4 boys). Our family photo has made grandma cry, and made me wonder when my boys grew up. He caught all of my boys being themselves with very little effort. Thanks Chris. The only thing left is the choosing what photos we want. If he can make us look good.. Well, enough said.
Okay back to the bday details. hehhehe. We had many eventful moments this evening. None of which I can mention on the blog. Those that were there are informed and that is enough.
I do believe I am half way funded for the spinning wheel now and I can't wait to hit up my hubby for the rest of the dough. heheehhe..
Well hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. I will post some FO pictures and shots of the troops enjoying the rays tomorrow.......

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