Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Bee

Hello All,
I have been up to a lot this last week. After a couple weeks of family visiting from Hawaii. I decided to start selling some of my crafting projects. This is partially due to the fact that I have to admit it is a HABIT. hehehehe.. Apparently we all like a little elbow room. Plus the funds to continue to enjoy the finer things in life (food) (boy's sports, etc.). Are in shorter supply as the troops EAT more. Yikes!! They are still a few years away from being teens too. GULP..

My hubby is fully supportive (pushy) and eagerly awaits. He thinks we should be able to put CLOTHES in the CLOSET. What? Who heard of such a thing? I have always thought of them more as STASH collectors. This is something I never thought my hubby would notice. He is so laid back that he RARELY looks in the closets at all.. What could this mean? uhhhh hemmm..
With that said I am excited to get busy on some project busting crafts that I will be putting in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days.
I do have a Nursing Cover up now for all you nursing moms out there. If you have a mommy expecting anytime these make awesome gifts. Check them out and let me know what you all think.
Due to the number of new little ones to my circle, I am on a bit of a baby item kick right now. I will be doing some fun stuff for the rest of us. Stay tuned for photos and updates in the next couple of days.
The boys have enjoyed a full week of vacation bible school this week.. Can I just say what an amazing program (free childcare) for three hours is such a gift to moms with many little ones. My guys have had the best time and I am getting so much free time. Hahahhahhaha. Not really free time but I am getting errands run allot faster.
Well just wanted to say I have been on a FO kick as well and in the last three days have knocked out some cuties. Now I need to bust out the Afghan squares.. For those who have been bored to tears with the MAN SWEATER project FYI, it has been resurrected and is being diligently worked in to the project list again.. Go, Go, Go... Ra, Ra, Ra..


Anonymous said...

Hey there busy bee - What, no pictures? I'm dying to see the fish hats! I heard they turned out super cute. :-) - Julia

Nicole said...

As for the coverups, I just gave 2 of them to girlfriends having babies and they were a huge hit! They loved the fabrics and the whole thing. You rock. And that fishy hat is super cute!