Friday, March 02, 2007


This week has been full of strange interruptions. You know, the kind that make you wonder if there is a NORMAL. Let's just say I am glad that it is Friday. The weekend holds more chores than I care to acknowledge at this moment, but I get to sleep in.
I have been in a little bit of a blogger block. Nothing really new to report. My little men have been unusually loud but rather compliant this last week, so no current "I CAN"T BELIEVE HE DID THAT MOMENTS"..
The latest drama included time out (for an undisclosed amount of time) of all the toys they own. This was a shock to them, that I would take all the toys out of the house and suggest that they have to earn them back... Shocking, I know. This was necessary for my mental health. They were getting lazy about cleaning them up and I was tired of doing it for them. Sooooooooooooo we are sticking to our plan. So far they have met and exceeded our expectations...
I am still having problems getting my pictures to transfer to my PC. Anybody have a suggestion on what else I could be doing wrong?
My goal lately has been to not say anything to anyone if it will be negative or nagging (mostly to my hubby) I am finding that I do not say MUCH.. GULP!!!! He hasn't noticed either. Is this a good or bad thing.. YIKES!! We will see how long this can go on. I have been challenged that more gets done when I am nice about it. Seems that I can request that certain things be done BEFORE I get to the end of my rope. Who knew? This provides more knitting and crafting time too. Maybe this isn't a bad thing after all. hehhehe..
Hope everyone is doing well...................


Lavendersheep said...

Just don't forget that it is ok to vent now and then. Bottling stuff up forever isn't good either.

I do think that you are a good mother to your boys. For a pack of boys they are really well behaved.

HawaiianGirl said...

On Super Nanny, she has done the same thing with the toys. Take um all away and make the kids earn um back. So see? You're one smaht mama!

I know you love your kids. But every mom has to vent at times. This is a good place to do it.