Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slacker by any other name would be Destiny!

So I will start with a picture of the completed lavendersheep socks for me... I am so excited that they are finished and they are all MINE!! This is the first project I have made for me that has actually managed to stay mine. They are oh so comfortable. I HEART them..Here is the picture of the Mobius bag too. Not the best photo of the bag, but....Brisa is so cute..
The second bit of info is that I finished and gifted a pair of "WORSHIP SOCKS"-(I totally knit-lifted the idea from Mokihana's Garden blog. But in my zealous efforts to project bust, I didn't get a photo of them..) I am so "SPECIAL" sometimes..
I will post a photo, as soon as I track her down and beg for a picture of just her feet in the socks.. Seems funny to plan a photo shoot with you knitted projects...
I also whipped up a cute little Nashua Cardigan for my buddy Sarah at Knot Another Hat. Again, did not get a picture. Why have a beautiful camera if I am not going to use it for good?
As for the stash busting... Well I am sort of in a stall for now. But I will overcome!!!
**I Can't Believe He Did That Moment: I have to say the bathroom has been many things to me over my mothering career. A place of quiet refuge- you can read in there and nobody wonders why it is taking mommy so long to come out. A place to REGROUP before I impart a nugget of wisdom to my misbehaving troops. It has also been a HIDEOUT for the mommy only snacks that I buy just for me... I know some of you reading, may be thinking I am a selfish individual. Trust me this is not a regular routine but sometimes you just don't want to share AGAIN!!!
Any way all that to say it has now become a perfect place for my little CHERUB Alex (3yrs) to have "SCHOOL". Yes, that is what he said when I asked what he was doing in the bathroom. In a house full of boys that is not something I necessarily enjoy hearing.. hehehe.. So I ask him " Why did you smear the toothpaste on the mirror?"
"Because mom" Alex replies with raised eyebrows and one hand on his hip.
"It has dirty teeth." (Head now bobs back and forth to the same rhythm of his hand.)
"Mirrors don't have teeth." I clue him in. To which he climbs up and looks at himself as he smiles. "Yes huh, See." He took his tooth brush and brushed the mirror in all the places he was smiling... I was not happy at all about the clean up.. But what am I suppose to do with that one. How did my three year old get so smart. I am going to start calling him a little SMART ALEX... Grrrrrrrrrr.. Well that is all I will torture you with for now. I send happy spring like thoughts to you all.


Knot Another Hat said...

Way to go busting out the FOs. We'll get a pic of that cardigan after we pick up some buttons at the Emporium on Monday.

Lavendersheep said...

The projects look great. I think I am going to steal that picture of your sock for my website. Well, that is, if it is alright with you.

HawaiianGirl said...

I love Alex's mirror/toothbrush explanation. That's one for the baby book!

I also loved that you kakaroached my worship socks idea... spreading da aloha, yeah? Love it!