Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Update

Okay! I am beginning to hate blogger.. Everytime I write up a post lately I am having to redo it.. GRRRRR...

So second time is a charm. Nothing new to report in the land of knitting.
I am working away on the hubby sweater and I discovered I have 6 inches left before the ribbing on the bottom. Not 4 in.. like I thought. AHHHH!! Then it will be time for the sleeves. I am hoping to have it done before September. That is when it was originally started.

I have FO photos and will post today or tomorrow..

Hope you are all enjoying the end of your summer. We are gearing up for the new school year. YIKES!!!..


Mokihana said...

Good to have you back!!

I remember the days before my kids would head back to school. Can you believe it... I was the only mom who cried on that first day! Wanna laugh more? I did it until they graduated... from high school!!

Sarah said...

Oh, yeah, I hear you, sister! Only problem around our homeschooled house: I cried because they were staying home! No, not really, but there were times . . . Glad to see you blogging during the dog days of summer. Hope you all had fun!

~d said...

(what are FO photos)?
I tracked you thru mom2my6pack
I have half as many kids as you-but all boys nonetheless!
I wanted to 'tell' you abt a gf of mine who has 3 sons.
I love boys!