Monday, October 01, 2007

Good Morning Everybody!

Well I have no real excuses for not getting a post up for a bit. I guess I am getting a little tired of the picture-less posts. My USB cord has been located, the picture program on the other hand is not cooperating. So I am trying to get the Picasa thing down and the pictures will ready. Yeah!!

I have officially been training to work part time at our local yarn shop at Knot Another Hat. I feel slightly guilty getting a paycheck to hang out in a room full of yarn and knit in my free time. Talk about lucky. It will be a fun venture.

In knitting news.. I have had to frog a couple projects and they have been knit up into other creations. One project comes with alot of giggles as I imagine my kindergartener's face as he gifts it to his teacher. He had asked me to knit something for his teacher. My thought at first was........(She is nice and because I've known her for a while, seemed worthy of such a treasure) then I began to wonder why she was already so special to him, he would want something HANDKNIT for her. After about a 30 min scene in my head, complete with the judge awarding her (the teacher) custody of her new little boy. I came to my senses and started a Stole which became a prayer shawl instead. As I was working on it. My little guy began to take extra care in the way he dressed (dress shirt and tie). This is not his normal attire so I told him he didn't NEED to dress up for school. To which I get.
"Moooomm! It's okay I want to." At this point my interest was beyond piqued. When we arrived at school to find another little guy all spiffed up I knew this teacher must be something special.
The only problem was the other little guy had a candied filled mug as a token of his affection. This was followed by a little stomping from my little man accompanied by hands on his hips, looking at me over his glasses with raised eyebrows. "When are you going to finish that shawl for my teacher." I was a bit afraid of the clenched teeth. hehehehehe. Oh got to love kindergarten. Well all that to say it is BLOCKING now.

I have to do something for the other 2 teachers too. So I will be starting those this week.

The kids are loving school and the field trips are starting. After turning in my packet of information to VOLUNTEER at the school I will be able to help in their classrooms. So I will be able to see them a bit during their day.

That is about all for now.


Mokihana said...

Great story!! I think part time at KAH is a great way for you to spend your time. I talked to Nolemana and told him it's time for a trip for Hood River apples. I didn't mention KAH.. say, on a Sunday afternoon? heh heh.... Think he'll guess?

Sarah said...

Whew! I go away for a couple months and everything changes! Congrats to you on so many levels, sister-friend! Most especially on your newest Whitaker-to-be! Also on the schooling and job fronts! This calls for a celebration - how about yarn shopping, then tea at Grounds? email me!

Mokihana said...

It was great to see you today and to see that gorgeous shawl you're working on. What a lovely gift that will be for your son's teacher.

I love coming into KAH and just sitting down, knitting, and talking time I hope it'll be longer!