Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is It Possible?

I believe I have accomplished even less with my kids in school than I was when they were all home. Is this really possible?
With all the extra running around I feel like I have had know time for the important things. Like, knitting, talking on the phone for leisure (bill paying is not included), scrapbooking and reading. I have become a slave to the household to do list. Humffff.. Oh the joys...

We did just arrive home Sunday afternoon from the annual church family camp. I have realized that as much fun as it can be for the whole family. Some times spending three days and 2 sleepless nights with other people is not always fun. hehhee. Details in person later. I don't want to offend anyone. Ahheemmmm..

Alex has officially become the one line singing extravaganza. If I hear another Disney Movie chorus I could jump out of my moving vehicle. He is always wanting me to sing along. I don't really enjoy the Chicken Little Songs OVER AND OVER.. Sooooo.. "DON'T GO BREAKIN MY HEART, DON'T GO BREAKIN MY, DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART" rerun again and again can make a person temporarily insane.
Add to that the "WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS, WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS." with varying degrees of vibrato (of course) finishing off his chorus medley with "IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER GOTTA GET WITH MY FRIENDS." it is a full day before we get the breakfast dishes done. Oh the joys of my little boy.

It has been a wonderful experience for the troops. I have had lots of encouraging comments from others who have had my kiddos throughout the day and they all say what wonderful, respectful, helpers they are. Is it bad for me to be a tiny bit bitter that they are at school HELPING when they could be home picking up the toys and misc. clothes tossed about?
I will refrain from any negative thoughts about the lack of helping at home. At least they are behaving in public and being a general blessing to others.. My biggest school room fears have been avoided.

Top Ten List of School Fears

10. The bathroom announcement with details as to which number (1 or 2)
9. Raising their hand just so they CAN talk.
8. Not participating in school activities because they are to big for them. (this is a big one for our 5 year old.)
7. Attempting to burp the ABC song or worse for the older ones their spelling words. (boys find this very entertaining)
6. Trying to convince the choir teacher that the armpit really is a musical instrument. (just give my boys a few minutes of your time.)
5. Pushing their way to the head of the line because they want to be first.
4. Taking off their clothes because they are just too hot.
3. Admitting to FARTING in class with complete confidence
2. Using their SPECIAL made up swear words in every day life. I won't post for those that keep it g rated
1. Revealing the secrets of our household to the general classroom population.
Our mom watched NETFLIX movies (Ugly Betty, Dr. House while we practice our spelling words.)
Don't judge me on the last one. We only have 2 more discs I will be more responsible. You would do it too. Maybe you just can't admit it. hehehehe. I have tried to consider this part of multi-tasking but it doesn't really fit.

If any of you would like to enable me to purchase my spinning wheel at OFFF this weekend please leave your encouraging comments and I will print them off for my hubby. HE JUST DOESN'T SEE THE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT LIKE I DO.. hehehe..


Lavendersheep said...

It is cheaper to spin your own yarn than it is to buy it! Think of the savings!

Don't worry about your boys, those sound like normal boy things to do. Believe me a couple on your list totally reminded me of stories Blair has told me, and he's normal, right? hehehe

Mokihana said...

Having a spinning wheel helps keep a mommy calm. Think of it as a tranquilizer!

It would be an education experience for the boys.

And hubby will love figuring out how the whole thing works. Trust me: men LOVE spinning wheels. They like to figure out the mechanics.

It would be a lovely addition to your decor.

The boys could be hypnotized by the constant motion, which would quiet them down.

How's that?

How did you like OFFF?