Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The First Day

Who knew that sending your kids to school for the first time could cause a person to sweat profusely. Yes SWEAT... I was doing pretty well with the idea of everything until I loaded them all into the car and was halfway to school.

They were chattering with Alex letting him know he would have so much fun with mom.
Alex was a bit disgusted that he was not able to go to school too. They were so sweet comforting him.

Our morning started with Dad's cheesy potatoe breakfast. Usually a crowd pleaser. They were too excited to eat. Followed by each child clearing their plates (without being asked) putting them in the dishwasher and promptly getting ready for the day.

This all seemed so strange the banter, cooperation, kind words about their apperance. They aren't normally mean to each other it was just one of those quiet calm moments that make you wonder what is coming.

Anyway back to the story. I was getting all the bags of school supplies out of the van and into the proper childs hands. All of them started to talk at the same time. Will the kids tease us? Is Alex going to get a smoothy? He said you are buying icecream? Are you getting us or is dad coming to get us? It was then I noticed the armpit rings in the side mirror of the van. Thank God I had my sweat shirt in the car. I don't believe this was the original design feature of the sweat shirt but I put it on real quick and ran the kids inside.
Ausytn was happy to be able to be the first helper to arrive in class.
Cole was just a little confused as to why the teacher was calling him Justin. Instead of Cole (His whole name is Joshua Cole). That is what happens when you call your child by his middle name his whole life. Ooopps..
Makoa was a little bit more appropriate with his reaction. He was a little worried but hugged me and went to meet his teacher.

I am so proud of them. They did such a good job with everything. The sweat just kept pouring. Is this a normal reaction to stress? I don't know.
By the time I filled out the paper work I was soaked through my t-shirt. I couldn't tell if I wanted to cry because I was sweating so bad or because I had just dropped my kids off for the first time.

Alex the whole time was chattering on and on and on. Hehehee..

So after a quick stop for a hot cocoa and OJ break with a friend at Shari's. I came home to shower and cry. It only lasted as long as the shower did. I felt 10 times better after that.
The kids survived and so did mom. They all wanted to try it again today.

Rick has taken on official breakfast cook duty so I am down with that. The only other adjustment is the snacks and lunches for all of them. But the big boys will do their own lunched next week.(Another great dad idea)..

Well I should wrap this up for now and warn you that my blog content may lack it's usual I can't believe he did that moments. But I will share anyway.


sarah / knot another hat said...

What a wonderful post!!! You made me laugh and cry! Way to go Mom - first days of school are always hard, I think, but you had a whopping 3 in 1 there!

Lavendersheep said...

First days of school can be so hard.

I totally sympathize with Cole. I went by Vonnie until I started school. I knew that Yvonne was my name, but nobody ever called me that. After that I always thought of it as Yvonne was my school name and Vonnie was my family name.

Mokihana said...

Great post!! I will confess publicly here that every single year, yes, every single one, from the time my 2 girls, 3 years apart, started kindergarten, all the way through high school, I cried on the first day of school! Why? Cuz I missed them so much!! We had wonderful summers, and even now the first day of school gives me wai maka, remembering how I was back then when they were school age.