Friday, September 07, 2007

Doctors Office Visit


So today was my official prenatal visit. We have been blessed to have our last 3 babies at home and intend to do it with this baby too. I was thinking that I was going in to the office to do all the customary blood work and listen to the baby's heart beat. Our Dr. is our back up doctor so we see him when we have to. Our midwives are much more in tune with making you feel comfortable before they zap you with words like pap smear and OVERWEIGHT. It is really necessary to point out to the fat girl that she is overweight. Therefore risks for this and that are higher. I have not exactly been average weight since having kids nothing has changed. Do I not know I am overweight. Hello... I think I am aware of that. Seriously! This happened.

He wanted to do the routine exam. Breast exam, pap the whole nine yards. I should appreciate the thoroughness. I don't appreciate the procedures. What do you say after that? Thank you. Have a nice day. See you next time. Let's have coffee. I don't think so..

Part 2: The Lab. I know the lab lady so that was a giggle fest. Until she flashed the bottle of ORANGE liquid at me. Yes the lovely glucose test. So I put on my party hat and chug...chug...chugged that baby down. As I was drinking it, I realized with startling reality why I hate ORANGE SODA. It taste exactly like this stuff. YUCK!! After the liquid yuck was down. I continued to catch up with the gal at the lab. Laughing is not the best thing to do with a full bladder. But it was a good transition from the dreaded exam.

Part 3: The Plan. The original plan for the day included a quick trip into Costco for some essentials and lunch items. Well that had to be re-planned (or rather scrapped completely) do to the extended doctors appointment. At this point it had been almost 2 full hours. So plan B was to spend a few hours at the Local Yarn Shop... Oh yes. What better way to kill the thoughts of the morning completely. So off we went. My friend, Alex and her 3 little ones. I know crazy as it sounds the kids did amazingly well. Thanks Nichole for tolerating the "WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND" over and over and over.

Anyway enough of that. A girl can only take so much the first week of school. Without her children. Really, do I need to be this flexible? On to the kid news...
I promise I am almost done BORING you all with my saga.

We could not have asked for kinder, more caring individuals to have with our troops all day at school. Kindergarten has opened my eyes to the crazy life of a K-5 teacher. Here are the highlights.

***Cole was so excited to be a construction worker and parade around the halls of the school. He got to go to the Principals office and he spilled chocolate pudding on his stark white button up shirt. Clarification on the principals office. We were thinking oh great 3rd day and already in trouble. Truth was they went on a tour of the school and got to see the principal's office. WHEW!!

***Makoa(2nd grade) He was worried that mom would be sad without him home. He asked me on day 2 if it would be okay if he tried school again tomorrow. He assurred me his teacher was really nice and he was going to trade some of his lunch at school the next day so he should be there. Well of course I wouldn't want to waste all my hard work preparing that meal for my child. Sure sweety, you go ahead and go to school again. Forget the education.. Let the trading begin.

*** Austyn(5th grade) No I am not smarter than a 5th grader. After the parents met the teacher and toured the classrooms. I do not desire redoing 5th grade.. His teacher is young and super sweet. She came up to us and said " Austyn is such a joy to have in class.etc.etc." He is a great help. It was nice to hear that. I wanted to stick around and see if she said this to all the parents. I left quickly and kept thinking HEY MAYBE WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT... Yeah!!

So, I have survived the first week of school. Also, my sitter (currently a senior at their school) even offered to bring them home from school. Who could ask for a better wrap up? Thanks for the kind words and well wishes this week.


Mokihana said...

Wow, what will you do with all your free time? How does it feel not to be homeschooling anymore?

Enjoy your quiet time. Somehow I have the feeling that in about 7 months it will all be gone again!

Love reading your posts....

Mokihana said...

Eh Des... Can u email me please? Outlook crashed, and I lost your addy. Mahalo! Then go delete this post if you want...

sarah / knot another hat said...

I had an appt like that too with Campbell. Went home and felt miserable about myself for two weeks. Then Jason pointed out that the Dr was an asshole and that had nothing to do with me. :) And it has nothing to do with you, either! You're wonderful, you're beautiful, and you're an amazing mother!