Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glimpse of Summer

Funny how you look forward to something (like summer) and now only officially under 2 weeks into it we are not sure what to do with our selves.. hahahah. Gotta love the endless days and the fighting banter that reminds you vividly why school was such a good idea. Here are a few pictures of the brood!

Sandlot Style Ball! Seems to be the new summer favorite. So glad we don't have picky kids when it comes to places to hang out.
Strike a pose! hahah. Alex and those blasted freckles make me wanna kiss his face. He is always soooo serious. I hope he lightens up a bit this summer. He's only six.
Drum solo Master Landon at your service. He is available for your next summer BBQ.
Austyn is practicing to be the next action stunt double. For whom we are not quite sure. But he may just reach the sky if he doesn't stop growing soon. Little brother is becoming a grand escape artist. Or at least that is is the story we are given by who ever is in charge of watching him when they all go out at once.. I am very suspicious that he isn't being watched with a very close eye.
Basketball is just a little too distracting for a group of boys.
Happy summer folks. More updates soon. I hope to have a post of the fabulous, lyric composer in our home.

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Mokihana said...

Oh gosh, your boys are getting so big!! I love all the photos!