Sunday, January 08, 2012

Too Busy to Blog

I never thought I would be too busy to blog. I have so many words stored up for you all.
Bwhahahaah.( Evil laugh)
So many things have taken place since JUNE 2010. I am baffled at how fast time goes by when you are getting through life one day at a time.
I won't bore you all with the details since it has been a whole year and a half.
I will sum it up to say many wonderful blessings have come out a very heavy, life changing moments that go along with that.
The boys are all giants now. Why do they keep growing? If they must grow can they just do it a little slower?
We are now currently serving a Highschool freshman ( I use the FRESH MAN term loosly) a 6th grader ( he still lets me think I am smarter than he is ) a 4th grader (favorite saying "Yeah I know") our 2nd grader (still the cautious, organized, pleaser) and last our wee one is 3. Everyone will be turning another year older and wiser(haha) in the next few months.
I never had the fear of a teenager driver before the IDEA of having one of my own HIT HOME this year. He hasn't requested it until this month and now the plans are being made to get his permit.
I have been under some mystery health issues over the last year and am currently in the process of elimating the long line of things it IS NOT! This has taken my humor for a ride. I am not as quick with the wit and laughter. I hope that 2012 will bring this back. I have realized that I don't have a very large group of friends when I am not feeling my best, yet another reason to look forward to 2012. Change for the better.
Still at the top of my list is more knitting, journaling (so I don't forget the stuff that is going on around here while going through all this crud) and FAMILY, FRIENDS, FUN.
You don't realize how life stress can impact life until you start to come out of it a bit.
NO MORE FUN SUCKING ALLOWED. My only resolution this year is to enjoy things more and seek to have more fun.
Life is too short.
I am looking forward to blogging again. What have you all been up to? I hope that this year finds you all looking expectantly to what is to come...

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