Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gotta Say Goodbye to the Summer

Summer has come and gone. I can hardly believe that it is time for school to start again. I have shared with a few close, non-judging friends that I have been seriously thinking about homeschooling again this year. We have had the kids in a local private school the last couple of years and they have loved it. My mom heart feels we may need to bring them home for a bit and reevaluate how important their relationships with each other are. That is one of the major things I regret about our decision to quit homeschooling when we did. The brother connections and problem solving skills go out the window and peer groups and activities replace it. So we may have more interesting posts if they are home all day with me again. Right now the plan is to start the year at private school again and see how it goes, more to come in the schooling adventures of Troop Whitaker. As for summer we had so many little things I don't know if I can list them all in a way that keeps your attention. We set out on our summer break to keep things unplanned and therefore stress free. NOT!

Our first broken bone ever started out the summer with a bang. Boy number 4 had his cast on until the end of June so swimming and water play was a difficult activity. He did find a way to enjoy all the activities of a friend’s birthday party and was very clever in trying to keep his cast dry.

My cousin sent her two younger kids to spend some quality time with her parents. This gave the boys a great few weeks of cousin time. I remember summers with my cousins and how fun it was just to be together. They did so great and I played the role of camp director (aka Camp Auntie DD). Our first ever tye dye project (well my first attempt with the kids + cousins), playdough, water fights, sprinklers, park lunches and more.
Later I was informed we should have friends/family over all the time, I am way more fun when other people are watching.. I love their honestyJ

The rest of this summer has been a blur. Lots of growing, eating, more growing, fighting, complaining, laughing and misc outburst have taken place too! There is an entire blog post waiting to be written on the EATING portion of the summer.

I did take pictures but I can’t seem to add a photo to the blog. This is so annoying.

In other news we had our first broken leg and second broken bone in Whitaker history. Wee Whit got his leg stuck in the spindle back chair. It is a long story I will not retell here. Let me just say. If you think that something may be wrong with your child go with your gut. He is doing great and is not slowed down by his splint at all.

This summer has taught me a lot as a person too. I may find a way to share those thoughts as well.

Chow for now.

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