Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Cure for the Summer Time Blues

Here are the end of summer photos for all to enjoy. The top two pictures are the day of the broken leg discovery for Wee Whitaker. He was most tramatized by the rectal themometor than the actual splint.  I too would be a little SURPRISED by that if I was 18 months old.

He was not slowed down at all and brought many folks laughter when he hobbled around. Don't think he didn't get his share of "Aw, poor things too." Overall he was a trooper.

The boys got in some official swim lessons this summer and did beautifully. Alex has come such a long way the last couple of years, but this season he was swimming (on purpose) not just splashing around  half drowning. It was marvelous. The other kids now swim with a bit more "form" I am pretty sure the life guards never knew for sure if they were drowning or playing. But now they look like they know what they are doing. Whoo hoo! Landon absolutely loved every minute in the water and when his lessons ended he was more than a little upset. Can't wait to get them back in the water soon.

As you can see he is not afraid to pose for the camera. Thanks to Auntie Shari he is a professional CHEESER.
The sprinkler pictures don't do justice to the amount of laughter we all had watching Landon chase after the big boys with no hesitation or lack of coordination. Jumping into a fan of moving water is as easy as he makes it look. hahaha.

Last but not least my cousin's adorable daughter modeling her summer knit by Auntie DD. It was so fun to knit for her. She has been well trainded in the art of receiving gifts. I was well complimented all week long. She is a great little model too.

I will post the first day of school photos soon.

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