Friday, September 18, 2009

A Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

This is a test, only a test of the emergency whining out loud system. If this becomes an actual emergency you will all be notified by my husband or other family member (because they will have knocked me out and hidden my body). Hahah. We all know it would be difficult to actually HIDE my body but I think that my husband may be putting a lock on the outside of our bedroom door to keep me in there for my whiny timeout.

It is once again Family Camp weekend. The faithful few blog lurkers know well my distaste for this event.I just can't get excited about it.  I promised I would not whine in front of the kids this year so HERE I GO!! (they are at school right now).

The packing and gathering of all the necessary items is never my favorite project. I am so tired from the night before of cleaning and washing load after load of laundry, I am just too tired to pack and get it all in the car with the tired, whiny kids the school sends home to me at the end of a long week of school. Hygiene is most important on a weekend like this because we are in a dorm style cabin with 5 boys and 1 man with me as the only girl. I don't want to have the scent o' smelly feet as my camp perfume.

Note: We really should have this camp in the summer or at the END of the school year. Then it doesn't seem like we are cramming all this activity into the first full week of school. Oh well. Wah, wah, wah. It was just so much more fun when I packed my own things as a teenager and went with my family then. The other end of it is just too much work.

Okay so now that we have that out of the way. I will leave you with the promise to TRY to ENJOY the experience. I just hope to have less mud, sand, dirt, soggy clothes, shoes, scraps, smelly treasures and mounds of clothes they can't wear the rest of the weekend because they have gone through the entire contents of the suitcase the first day (because they were wet mom)... 

I am taking my knitting no matter the protest from my spouse and am secretly charging the Zen so I can listen to audio books while I knit. (hahah. He said no books either.) and smuggling in the portable DVD player to watch movies. Yeah, I said it. I am going to watch movies and play with Landon in the cabin and hide out while the BIG boys explore the great outdoors.

I look forward to Sunday and my own bed. Whoo hoo.


Kelly T said... how was it? :)(you totally crack me up, btw)

Mokihana said...

Did you survive? I must admit it wouldn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me, either.