Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Land of Blog

These are the first Mother's Day installment. They have already been gifted to my good buddy Ronni. She loved them and they fit perfectly. I love this pattern. These little beauties knitted up in no time at all.
Above are the big/lil sister socks I did for my friend Cheryl's girls. Syndey and Margo are just too cute anyway. So this was a few hours of knitted bliss.
These little Dale of Norway trousers have been eating up most of my spare time..hehhee. I have been hard at work on this project for my good buddy Sarah's baby shower. Which was this past Sunday. They were half of a gift I will post pictures of the other knitted cutie soon or check out her blog for the shower details. knot another hat.

The entralac'n fun is almost done. This I do believe will be my second Mother's Day gift marathon project. I "HEART" the the Noro Silk Garden yarn. Love the colors. I am still toying with the idea of giving it away. I just don't know.
The elongated cable socks for me are 1/2 way done. I am 2/3 into the leg of sock #2. I will get a better picture of the detail when I finish it's partner..

Well I really have been up to something. Or should I say SOMETHINGS... I don't know if I have photos of all of the projects I have been working on but I will post them soon. Still in the works is afghan square #3 as well as a couple secret Mother's Day gifts.
As I mentioned before Yvonne and I did up a little "Baby " shower fun for Sarah and I do believe a good time was had by all. There were so many adorable little girl things going around. It almost made me want to try for a little girl. But knowing how the Whitaker genes run... We may have twin boys. hehehe..
I am off to a Ladies Retreat this weekend and hope to kick off my shoes and knit up a storm in my free time. The Mother's Day knit-a-thon continues. I am thinking of including a note with the gifts that say no need to get my a gift this Mother's Day just put your CASH donation in this enclosed envelope. Proceeds will be generously donated to the SPINNING WHEEL FUND.. hehheeh. That may be a bit much huh?
Well off to educated the troops and send them out to enjoy the nice bit of sunshine we are having this morning. I LOVE THE SUN....
Hope all are doing well and have not been experiencing any with drawl symptoms from my lack of posting..


Knot Another Hat said...

Yay for FOs!!! I just finished my fourth pair of those darn socks and that's it! No more! Now on to the swiffer covers!

Lavendersheep said...

Those bitty baby fixation socks are the most adorable thing ever!

cindy yosh said...

hi Destiny, met your hubby Fri. nite. he umpired our softball game. I had a bag of cookies to thank him, but he skee-daddled before I could give them to him. Cute guy, you need to finish his sweater!! --Cindy Yoshimura