Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

These are the last installment of the Mother's Day fixation socks. I thought they turned out pretty well.
The Fancy Pants on the block. I am having a little with drawl from them. Do you think it is unreasonable to ask for joint custody of a hand knit item? hehehe.
Here is the hand dyed yarn almost dry. I love it all wound up. It is so pretty. Can't wait to knit it up into something fantastic.
The shop model of the Baby Cardigan in the oh so soft Bamboozle yarn with the Breeze cuffs and button band.
Happy Birthday Austyn!!
Hey Bud,
I can not believe it has already been eleven years. It seems like just yesterday you were the only little boy in our lives. Now you lead the pack. I know it has not been easy living with parents like us.
Let me tell you how very proud we are to see you grow into a patient, caring individual, who truly cares about those around you. We can see, that no matter how frustrated you get with your brother's at times. The way you encourage them to try again or admire another drawing, guessing accurately what they have created. Makes me see that we could learn a thing or two from you. Whatever it is we pray that you will continue to show your heart and kindness to others. We can't wait to see what this year brings for you.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday. We love you BIG..


Lavendersheep said...

Your projects all look awesome! A big happy birthday to Austyn. As he told me down at the shop, soon he will be a teenager.

HawaiianGirl said...

Happy birthday to Austyn! What a good-looking boy.

Your projects.. wow... do you mind weaving in all those ends? It looks pretty daunting. However, everything is fabulous. I love when you post photos!


Sarah said...

You have definitely had your knitting mojo goin' on, girl! Those pants are so cool - she'll be the envy of all the other little girls! You've inspired me to finish my UFO's and get some pics up on my blog - thanks for visiting, by the way. When do you find the time to breathe, Superwoman?

Knot Another Hat said...

Happy Birthday Austyn! And yes - you can visit the Fancy Pants whenever you like. In fact, I'll probably be happy to turn them over to you with baby inside on occasion (or whenever you need a girl "fix"). :)