Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Midnight Snack with Alex

Maybe not a midnight snack. He is only 3 so it was more like a 10:30p.m snack. I was loading the dishwasher when we got home tonight and I hear the little feet of my youngest.
He peers around the doorway to the kitchen and says to me. "Mommy my tummy is hurting" "Peanut butter, jelly will make it happy."
I reply with it's to late for peanut butter and jelly. Maybe you should have an apple.
" Maybe that's good" he says."With some milk too."
We are used to Alex roaming the cupboards after the big boys are asleep. Although he is instantly put back to bed most of the time. Anyway back to the conversation..
How is your apple buddy.
"MMM, pretty good" he replies with a raised eyebrow/head nod. This is fast becoming his trade mark.
"Mommy you can have some bites too. With me. Okay."
Well okay! So I sit down and start to eat with him. Not something I would normally do.
"How come daddy's snore?" "Why is this apple red?" "Is the milk from cows?"
Daddy's are really tired from work so sometimes they snore.
"Loud like daddy?" Yep they can.
Some kinds of apples are red. "Yea I know"
Milk does come from cows " Baby milk comes from booby milk mom."
Thanks to my good buddy Cheryl for having a baby recently. I won't share the other things he feels free to share with her. Being around her, for Alex it is like some sort of tell the embarrassing truth serum.. Oh my..
Anyway,after the question/answer portion of our evening,he proclaimed,he was done. Finished his milk. Threw his cup in the sink. Went off down the hall.
Hey bud where are you going? " I'm going to brush my teeth"
He said thanks for the mommy/Alex time. I like apples and milk.
I have absolutely know idea why I am sharing this. Except for the fact that I have had a rough couple of mommy days lately and this is just a little glimpse of WHY it is nice to be a mom.
The funny thing is maybe I should do this with all of the troops once in a while then if they all react like he did tonight. No more bed time fights.


HawaiianGirl said...

What a lovely, lovely post. Sorry you've had rough mommy days; and how wonderful you didn't just send Alex back to bed. I know you'll look back on this time as very special as the years go by. Thanks for a wonderful post. You write well!


Lavendersheep said...

Ahhh! That is such a cute post. Alex is such a cutie!