Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mother's Day Marathon Gifts Continue

Hello All,
Just a quick update on the Mother's Day Knit-a-Thon. Gift #3 was gifted tonight. Another happy recipient. I am always so excited to see the reaction on someones face when they receive their hand knit item. It is a pleasant change to the few non-reaction to handmade gifts (given in the past). I just get such a joy in giving a gift that is accepted with the same spirit it was given.

I have one big thing to whip up and two more little items which I hope to knit up by Thursday. Then it will be time to finish up the last two partially knitted projects. Finally, duh- duh-duh. Did you hear the JAWS theme there?

You may remember the ONE looming project I have on the sticks. Yes! The Hubby sweater. I feel that with the amount of LOUD COMMENTING my hubby has been making about this one little project. I may need to pick it up again and only work on it until it's completion.
Not even our local softballs games are safe from his "COMMENTS". Thanks Cindy for the comment and the giggles I got from my husband and myself as I read that out loud. The conversation went something like this. Me: Oh my gosh Rick did you really say something to Cindy about the sweater. Come on seriously you are crazy... RICK: What? No.. Well maybe it came up....ME: (raised eyebrows) HOW? RICK: I don't know she was just asking about the knitting and I may have mentioned it... ME: Well that is the last game you umpire without me checking to see who the coaches are..hehehhehe..
He has been following me around as I pass my Mother's Day treasures off to their new owners. As they open the little treasure.......
"Oh, Honey is that another pair of socks? I see another knitted item. IS THAT MY SWEATER?"

I love my dear husband don't get me wrong. But really this is becoming a little bit embarrassing in the spirit of Mother's Day, I am going to have to leave him home until I get all the goodies out the door. Do you think if I work on his beloved sweater "while he is watching" that would tide him over?

Well nothing new to report on the troops. I have arrived home from the coast a few projects lighter and will leave the rest of the details alone. heheheh

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the burst of spring/summer weather we are experiencing.

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