Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What We Do For Friendship

I will post photos with my next post. I can't find the camera cord AGAIN. Plus I need to get a couple more photos together, this will give you the full experience of the FO'S.

Last night the Fair Isle Fancy Pants (aka baby Keller project # 2) made its glorious debut. I was on my way to a yarn dyeing workshop and FORGOT them. I know, can you believe it?
My hubby graciously (or rather was forced to) was able to drop it by for me. This project caught my eye a month ago and has been loads of fun to work on. Add to that, the fact that it is for my friend Sarah's new arrival. Made this a project of a lifetime. I hope that Baby Keller will be warm this winter and looking ooooooooohhhhhhh so adorable.I do have to say that I think I did weave in at least 50-75 little ends for all it's fair isle glory. During this whole process I have caught the fair isle bug. I am excited to start my next project.

I gifted the last mother's day gift on Sunday. She was gone and I was still fringing the Entralac Scarf. It was sooooo pretty. I am going to get her to strike a pose and post the finished photo soon. As for the works in progress. I have cast on 2 more pairs of the fabulous fixation anklet socks. They are so quick you have to do ALL the colors.

Last project entry is the Fantastic Dye Workshop we did last night with Yvonne hosted at Sarah's. Who thought that hanging out with nine ladies eating, drinking and dying yarn could be so fun.. (OK is that sort of an oxy-moron) heheh but you get the idea. Yet another gateway to addiction. I will take pics of the drying yarn and post soon.

I have to thank McDonald's and the makers of Shrek for partnering up. The happy meal toys have now made me the laughing stock of our local Walmart. One character in particular has me baffled. Why? PUSS and boots.This is what the shoppers got to experience. Brought to you by my network of little men following me happily through the store. COLE: Mom look I got Puss. ALEX: No! I GOT PUSS!.. Makoa: Guys we all got puss. Don't complain or we can't go back. What the heck were they thinking. Certainly, no attention was given to this social situation. Further more embarrassed by the lady at the end of the isle listening to this, in all it's conversational glory. LADY: Is it a non-school day for you boy's? MY BOYS: (in unison) No, we home school. My fear, is that she did not SEE the actual happy meal treasures. My hope is that she did know what they were talking about or was hearing impaired enough to not hear what was being said. Uggghhh.. Got to love being a mom.. I feel I should remind you I DO NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP IT REALLY IS THE JOY OF MY PARENTING CAREER.. hehhehe

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Lavendersheep said...

hehehe...your stories just make me laugh. You know someday your boys are going to be old enough to read your blog and all of these stories.

Dye night was a lot of fun, can't wait to do it again!